Chemical compliance audit

19 January, 2005 | Risk Management Technologies

The Chem Alert 2 auditing service is a simple, logical and effective way to ensure compliance with legislative requirements relating to chemicals in the workplace.

Security reader

19 January, 2005 | Electronic Development Sales Pty Ltd

FlexPass Lite is a program offered to security installers for new installations. The program enables Indala to supply an open 26 bit format and maintain a high level of security.

Absorbent nitrile work glove

15 December, 2004

The Zorb-IT glove (model 4550) features a 'sponge nitrile' technology. It is suitable for general purpose and industrial uses, as well as automotive and electrical work.

Carbon monoxide meter and alarm

14 December, 2004 | TRE Associates

The CM-1B carbon monoxide meter and alarm system is an all electronic system using a microprocessor (micro compressor) to measure the quantity of carbon monoxide (C0) and calculate the danger level, which is a combination of C0 and TIME (tome) of exposure.

Portable mobile barrier

14 December, 2004 | Warequip

The Pedestrian Safety range by Rubbermaid includes the Portable Mobile Barrier. It is a 16 panel, 4 m long, fully portable safety barrier.

Fume and dust collectors

14 December, 2004 | Donaldson Australasia Pty Ltd

Model Series 50, 60, 70 and 80 Cabinet Dust Collectors from Donaldson Torit-DCE are compact, lightweight and small enough to use within an SME plant.

Data radio

14 December, 2004 | STI Engineering

The Piccolo 433 MHz is an RS232 data radio with a usable air data rate of up to 38.4 Kbps. The unit is suitable for difficult RF environments with features such as selectable over-the-air data rate, selection between data speed and increased RF performance, and frequency hopping with automatic retries for reliable data recovery in a crowded spectrum.

Rear view camera monitor

14 December, 2004 | Astral Electronics Pty Ltd

Astral Electronics has introduced a rear view camera system kit whose design would suit many commercial or industrial applications. The 6.8" colour LCD TFT monitor and colour wide-angle camera have a number of additional characteristics that make them more resilient. Both the monitor and camera have a certified G4-rating, which means that they have been tested for mechanical vibration at four times gravity. The monitor has a removable shade which helps to prevent glare on the screen from the sun. The monitor also has in-built sensors that adjust for the ambient light, so that the picture will automatically adjust its brightness depending on the prevailing light conditions. The camera is 0.5 lux with infrared LEDs designed for use in situations where there is little light.

Portable, industrial fluoro light

14 December, 2004 | Burn Brite Lights (Vic) Pty Ltd.

Burn Brite has added a 36 W/32 V safety portable to its range of NB3 protected fluorescent lights. NB3 lights are designed for use in the adverse environments commonly found in industry.

Oilskin safety vest

14 December, 2004 | Australian Country Outfitters

The classic oilskin coat of the outback has been adapted for safety. Australian Country Outfitters has begun applying reflective safety panels to its range of oilskin jackets.

Stealth safety boots

14 December, 2004 | TLC International Group Pty Ltd

The Stealth range of safety boots is available with the Totectors brand of safety footwear.

Online OHS training

14 December, 2004 | e3Learning Solutions

e3 Learning Solutions has developed, in conjunction with WorkCover SA Corporation, a suite of online OHS courses. The courses have been developed around the NOHSC standards related to training employees and supervisors.

Safety knife

21 November, 2004 | Diplomat Blades Aust Pty Ltd

The Diplomat A37 Metal Safety Knife is a sturdy knife featuring a spring-loaded mechanism which allows the heavy-duty utility blade to automatically retract into the knife. The knife meets industry requirements for the use of safety knives to reduce the risk of workplace accidents.

Spill kits

21 November, 2004 | New Pig Australia Ltd

New Pig spill kits are emergency kits for spill-prone areas (including outdoors). The absorbents in each kit are packed in a durable polyethylene container, with non-slip handles and an easy-open lid. Labelling allows quick, easy visual identification by employees and visitors.

Central monitoring device

21 November, 2004 | SICK Pty Ltd

Up to six doors on mechanical separating protective equipment can be centrally monitored with the non-contact RE 4000 safety system. The system, consisting of an evaluation unit with sensors and actuators, is certified as category 4 according to EN 954-1. Thus, the system can be used in potentially highly hazardous machines.

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