Chemical resistant suits

27 September, 2004 | 360 Degrees Safety Pty Ltd

The chemical resistant suit model CS8 exceeds EN standards. It is water resistant and passes chemical spray tests against various chemicals such as paints, motor oils, sodium hydroxide, hazardous particulate matter, etc.

Safety stair markers

27 September, 2004 | Brady Australia Pty Ltd

Safety Stair Markers will reinforce safety at the user's facility and help to prevent slips, trips and falls.

Dock door

27 September, 2004 | Tieman Industries Pty Ltd

The TKO Knockout dock door series consists of four doors: HeavyWeight, WelterWeight, CruiserWeight and ThermalWeight. The range is designed to reduce downtime and repair costs.

CK2 safety eyewear

17 August, 2004

The Checkmate CK2 eyewear series comes standard with the Crews AF4 antifog coating and medium impact approved safety lens.

Road marker system

16 August, 2004 | D3Design

Safezone is a solar powered, flashing road marker system specifically designed to combat deaths and injury in and around 40 km/h school safety zones.

DFO dust collectors

16 August, 2004 | Donaldson Australasia Pty Ltd

The Downlfo Oval 1 Series (DFO) of dust collectors uses oval-shaped cartridges to allow large amounts of air flow through the collector without increasing the footprint size or damaging filters.

Walkie stacker

16 August, 2004 | Crown Equipment Pty Ltd

In cramped storage areas or busy retail installations, the battery electric M4000 Series Walkie Stackers can handle loads up to 1500 kg without compromising vehicle control or the visibility of the mast.

Paging system

16 August, 2004 | Wavelink

The Blick Adept is a security device which could change the way people think about their security messaging. Traditional paging systems have been 'send and forget'. Adept's two-way system tracks the message and confirms the recipient has received the message, creating a record or receipt.

Speed and standstill monitors

16 August, 2004 | Pilz Australia Industrial Automation LP

Pilz's speed and standstill devices can monitor two axes independently under the direction of a PNOZmulti controller, which can be fitted with a maximum of four speed and standstill monitors.

Skin care at work

16 August, 2004 | Sqwincher Australia Pty Ltd

Stoko Skin Care has developed a 3-point program for skin care. The three parts of the program are 'before work', 'cleaning' and 'conditioning'.


16 August, 2004 | Yakka Pty Ltd

The Dual Density Safety Range of boots includes 11 styles.

Wireless, cardless, keyless access control

16 August, 2004 | Securicom Pty Ltd

MicroLatch is a fingerprint reader with a database housed in the same unit that can be installed wherever it may be required. A wireless fingerprint access system has many advantages over other systems since biometric, and specifically fingerprint technology, does not require the user to remember a PIN, and they don't suffer from an intruder looking over the user's shoulder as they enter their secure number.

Escape hoods

16 August, 2004 | Safety Equipment Australia Pty Ltd

The Sundstrom SR 76 Chem escape hood is designed for use as a respiratory protective device during evacuation from the sites of accidents involving chemicals.

Safety anchor

20 July, 2004 | 3M Fall Protection

SALA has created an ultra-portable fall arrest Vacuum Anchor System especially for the needs of contractors and maintenance crews. Originally designed for the airline industry, the vacuum anchor has broader applications for heavy industry such as refineries and mineral processing plants.

Portable compression system

20 July, 2004 | Liftcells & Associates

Onetec has released the flexible DEL-1C compression load cell system. This design provides a useful device for testing a small press or train and tram brake systems.

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