Modular and open machine monitoring

29 May, 2003 | Rockwell Automation Australia

The Entek XM series is designed for the protection of high speed and critical-production machinery and to monitor and protect machinery against high vibration and the resultant damage caused by excessive vibration.

Driver feedback signs

29 May, 2003 | Sykes Australia Ltd

Fitted with the latest 'approach-only' radar technology to quickly and accurately detect the speed of approaching vehicles, driver feedback signs provide the driver with real-time feedback as to their vehicle's speed as it approaches the sign.

Store-Safe dangerous goods stores

29 May, 2003 | Store-Safe

Store-Safe's range of stores and cabinets are designed specifically for the storage of drums that can facilitate connection to continuous feed machinery.

DeviceNet emergency stops

29 May, 2003 | Micromax Pty Ltd

E-connect is the plug-and-work way to connect traditional e-stop devices and safety relay modules. E-connect DeviceNet stations operate in the background to monitor where the stop was initiated and annunciate the system status.

Remote valve operation

29 May, 2003 | Fortress Systems Pty Ltd

Fortress Systems and Smith Flow Control have announced the Flexi-Drive, a device for the remote operation of valves in hard to reach or hazardous locations.

Category 4 module

29 May, 2003 | Pilz Australia Industrial Automation LP

Safety systems controlling large, complex machinery are now faster, simpler to implement and more cost-effective with the release of an input/output module from Pilz Australia.

RLS 100 laser scanner

29 May, 2003 | SICK Pty Ltd

With the RLS 100, Sick has introduced a safety laser scanner complying with IEC/EN61496, Type 3.

Live power tester

29 May, 2003 | Megger Limited

Insulation power factor tests on bushings fitted to high-voltage switchgear, transformers and similar items of equipment can now be carried out rapidly, easily and safely without the need to take the equipment out of service. The tests, which give accurate information about the insulation quality, revealing such potential problems as cracks, surface contamination and incipient faults, are performed at the installation's full working voltage, and can typically be completed in under five minutes.

Disconnect device

29 May, 2003 | NHP Electrical Engineering Products Pty Ltd

The Sprecher + Schuh KT7-25-TRE disconnect device offers added safety for installations using the KTA7 motor circuit breakers.

Safety management tracking system

02 April, 2003 | SMARTsafe ConSys

SMATS-Pro v1.3 is a simple yet powerful, fully customisable software solution. It is a tool for implementing and managing an organisation's Safety Management System.

Auto-darkening welding lens

02 April, 2003 | AWS Pty Ltd

The latest development in welding helmets from Hornell International AB is the Speedglas FlexView. When not welding the auto-darkening lens can be lifted up and work can be continued using the large view clear visor (120 x 90 mm) underneath.

Active voltage protection

02 April, 2003 | Phoenix Contact Pty Ltd

The AEC principle allows direct parallel connection between lightning and surge voltage protectors. As standard solutions for 230 V power grids, Phoenix Contact provides Powerset BC/3 for four-conductor systems and Powerset BC/3+1 for five-conductor systems.

Safety locks

02 April, 2003 | Fortress Systems Pty Ltd

The latest design of safety interlock has all moving parts and a key constructed from stainless steel. The CL lock is a robust product that can be used in conjunction with Fortress' entire range of mechanical and electromechanical safety interlocks.

SMS system

02 April, 2003 | SICK Pty Ltd

The SMS Safety Muting System is a rapidly installable complete system solution for differentiating between persons and material insertion at dangerous machines.

Explosion protection for process machinery

02 April, 2003 | Flametron Equipment

The Melli Inertisation System is a control system for automatically monitoring a supply of inert gas and oxygen content analysis in centrifuges, reactors, driers etc.

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