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The Safety Solutions Resource Library contains white papers, eBooks, webcasts, videos and technical papers to help you manage and solve work related problems. Select from a variety of application and technology related subjects, supplied by market-leading vendors or written by our editorial team.

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Why leather is unsuitable for hand protection

Supplied by Ansell on 05 November, 2018

Learn about the erroneous beliefs that have given leather an undeserved reputation and why purpose-designed and built is better.

Your ultimate guide to effectively managing contractor safety

Supplied by BNG Contractor Services Pty Ltd on 15 August, 2018

Download this guide to learn about the baseline controls you need to embrace to mitigate risk for your contractors.

Advanced protection for cut and chemical

Supplied by Ansell on 18 May, 2018

Provision of unsuitable protection, or an environment that encourages workers to ‘double glove’ — to wear separate cut and chemical gloves simultaneously — when faced with multiple exposures, will often lead to non-compliance of personal protective equipment (PPE) policy.

How to manage drug abuse in the workplace

Supplied by Andatech Pty Ltd on 12 March, 2018

Despite the National Drug Strategy, hazardous use of licit and illicit drugs still occurs in the workplace. With proper workplace management, appropriate policies and prevention strategies, the complex issue of substance abuse can be properly addressed and mitigated.

Cut level rating differences and suitability by application

Supplied by Ansell on 12 March, 2018

The 2016 revision of the EN388 Mechanical Protection standard, which governs protective gloves and sleeves, introduced a range of modifications designed to enable safety managers to confidently identify the best option for their specific requirements.

Chemical protective clothing solutions in the LNG industry

Supplied by DuPont (Aust) Limited on 18 December, 2017

​Workers needs to ensure their garment can provide adequate protection barrier against the chemicals they are exposed to.

How to find the right hand protection for your workforce

Supplied by Ansell on 26 October, 2017

Selecting appropriate hand protection for the workforce is a balancing act. Safety managers need to consider disparate — and sometimes contradictory — factors to determine the best choice.

Your complete height safety guide to fall arrest equipment

Supplied by Paramount Safety on 13 March, 2017

Understand fall arrest equipment, including design, fit, maintenance and training requirements. Learn how to implement improved height safety on site with fall prevention measures and worker training.

Regulations for hand protection in your industry have changed

Supplied by Ansell on 08 March, 2017

The new EN374 chemical and microorganism protection guidelines are in effect – do you understand the changes?

High-volume low-speed fans optimise airflow — case study

Supplied by Big Ass Fans Australia Pty Ltd on 01 December, 2016

Studies show employee productivity decreases when the temperature rises above 25°C. If your space is too big for air conditioning, other methods are needed to maintain suitable working conditions and protect product integrity.

Is grip the new safety feature?

Supplied by ATG Lanka (Pvt) Ltd on 22 November, 2016

Surely gloves have always had grip, so how can this be a new thing? The answer is to do with the type of grip, the way it’s delivered and the additional benefits it brings.

Advanced glove innovations maximise protection and agility

Supplied by Ansell on 14 November, 2016

This breakthrough solution delivers advanced protection, performance and value for those working under a range of hazardous chemicals — without sacrificing the dexterity and comfort typically lost with thicker glove options.

The unseen costs of skimping on hand protection equipment

Supplied by Ansell on 30 August, 2016

Some industries, such as mining, are more prone to workplace injury than others. Cheap promises of reduced expenditure can lead to substantial financial consequences. Hand protection needs to be assessed on the extent to which it reduces worker injury and subsequent costs, not simply as a product with a desirable price point.

Key strategies to mitigate toxic gas hazards

Supplied by Thermo Fisher Scientific on 04 July, 2016

Oxygen deficiency hazards are critical safety risks that can be greatly reduced with diligent mitigation. By taking the right steps to ensure you are aware of potential risks, and can precisely determine their extent, accurate mitigations can then be taken to reduce your hazard.

The future of machine safety, Industry 4.0 — an eBook

Supplied by SICK Pty Ltd on 02 June, 2016

Industrial operators are faced with a challenging task — to create flexible production workflows with a high level of automation, while at the same time ensuring that their people, machines and plants stay protected.

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