Safety pole

21 June, 2004 | Fall Safe Victoria

The Safety Pole has been developed to help protect the life of anyone working from a height or on a roof.

Welt boot

21 June, 2004 | Yakka Pty Ltd

The construction of the Goodyear Welt boot locks uppers and outsoles together through a tough double chain stitch. The process creates a cavity between the outsole and insole which is filled with shock-absorbent material. Once worn in, this will mould to the shape of the wearer's foot. The boots are designed for hard work in tough conditions.

Sun blinds

21 June, 2004 | Power Step Australia Pty Ltd

Power Step has available a range of sun blinds to control the amount of sunlight entering an operator's cab.

High visibility jumper

21 June, 2004 | 360 Degrees Safety Pty Ltd

360 Degrees Safety has a high visibility jumper that complies with Australian Standards.

Pedestrian and vehicle warning system

21 June, 2004 | Fork-Safe International

The Pedestrian Alert Warning System is designed to notify both the vehicle operator and pedestrian that they are within close proximity to each other.

Argo headlamp

20 May, 2004 | Streamlight Australia

The Argo headlamp features a Luxeon LED to provide the longevity of an LED and the brightness of a conventional bulb.

Clinical waste converter

20 May, 2004 | Medivac Technology Pty Ltd

The MetaMizer is an on-site processor that simultaneously sterilises and granulates clinical waste, converting it to unrecognisable granules. It does this in a total cycle time of under 15 minutes.

Intelligent CCTV system

20 May, 2004 | iOmniscient Pty Ltd

iOmniscient has developed an intelligence system based on artificial intelligence using heuristic algorithms that has enabled iOmniscient's High IQ Product Series to locate objects even when they are placed in a very crowded scene, even when they are not detectable to the naked eye.

Anti-fatigue matting

20 May, 2004 | The General Mat Company

A safety, ergonomic and anti-fatigue mat that combines comfort with the look of natural wood has been released.

Walkie pallet trucks

20 May, 2004 | Crown Equipment Pty Ltd

Crown's heavy duty PW 3000 Series walkie pallet trucks are highly manoeuvrable and designed to perform in rugged environments on a frequent basis.

Safety gate switches

20 May, 2004 | Pilz Australia Industrial Automation LP

A non-contact coded safety switch, PSENcode, meets the highest requirements for safety gate monitoring.

Carlo Gavazzi proximity sensors

20 May, 2004 | NHP Electrical Engineering Products Pty Ltd

Carlo Gavazzi proximity sensors are rugged and flexible and are designed for reliable and accurate sensing in almost any application. The sensors offer detection without any physical contact and this in turn provides longevity for the device(s).

Close personal protection programs

22 April, 2004 | Insight Tech Solutions

Insight Intelligence offers a number of close personal protection (CPP) programs. Insight Intelligence claims to employ highly qualified, trained, experienced and accredited personnel who protect high profile and vulnerable corporate clients around the world in the private and government sectors. These CPP personnel can provide a detailed plan of protection, even when the client is on overseas trips. Insight Intelligence takes on the responsibility of protecting the shareholders as well as the chief executive officers, ensuring that all are safe from the various specific, non-specific and general threats.

Formaldehyde monitor

22 April, 2004 | 3M Safety & Graphics

3M has available the 3721 formaldehyde monitor that is designed for measuring exposure to formaldehyde in the chemical, particle board, pulp and paper, foundry and textile industries. The monitor meets OSHA accuracy requirements of ±25% for 8 hour TWA sampling; not for 15 minute STEL sampling.

Laser scanner

22 April, 2004 | Omron Electronics Pty Ltd

The F3G-C scanner is a category 3 safety product that uses a continuously rotating mirror to deflect a pulsated laser beam.

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