Undervoltage release facility

14 February, 2005 | NHP Electrical Engineering Products Pty Ltd

The Elektra S Series main switch has an undervoltage release facility which means that in the instance of a power failure the undervoltage release coil returns the switch to the off position, preventing automatic start-up of machinery on restoration of power.

Breathable compressed air

14 February, 2005 | Walker Filtration Pty Ltd

Walker Filtration has a range of wall and floor mounted Breathable Air products to suit two and four man breathing air installations.

Conversion kit for trolley

14 February, 2005 | Spill Station Australia

The all-terrain conversion kit for the Poly-Dolly drum handling/decanting trolley comes with 10" pneumatic wheels, sealed bearings and milled polyurethane bushes.

Protection fabric

14 February, 2005 | DuPont Australia Pty Ltd

Tychem C is a polyethylene coated fabric that uses the high strength-to-weight ratio and flexibility of Tyvek. It is 100% particle tight and provides protection against ultra-fine hazardous dusts and powders, concentrated inorganic acids and bases and water-based salt solutions.

Safety vests

14 February, 2005 | Signet Pty Ltd

The Unisafe safety vests are available in highly visible fluoro orange or lime/yellow and are made from breathable, lightweight polyester. The material conforms to AS/NZS 4602:1999.

Bilsom hearing protection

14 February, 2005 | Honeywell Industrial Safety

The Bilsom range of hearing protection products includes earmuffs and disposable, reusable, corded and detectable earplugs in both Standard and NST (Natural Sound Technology) versions.

Safety light curtain housing

14 February, 2005 | SICK Pty Ltd

The IP67 housing in which the C4000 Micro is integrated is a protective housing with a PMMA acrylic pipe and V4A stainless steel end caps. It is compactly constructed so that no inaccessible areas of dirt can form.

Sports jacket

19 January, 2005 | Team Australia

The XV System jacket is based on the principle of an engine which needs cold water and cold air to circulate in order to operate effectively. While actively involved in high energy activities and sports,, the XV System has three areas that allow cool air to pass through - the wrist, under the arms and the two front pockets - forcing warm air to be released through the back two vents.

Hearing protection system

19 January, 2005 | Sonomax Australia Pty Ltd

The Sonomax Solution is a hearing protection system for the industrial workplace. It is a device that combines a reusable, custom-fitted earplug, the SonoCustom, with a software application that calibrates sound attenuation to achieve noise reduction and provide hearing protection in the workplace. It features an earplug which is equipped with acoustic filters that allow the user to converse with co-workers or hear warning signals without having to remove the hearing protector. The device is made from soft hypoallergenic material so that it can be worn uninterrupted during prolonged exposure to toxic noise.

Pallet manager

19 January, 2005 | Storage Technology Ltd

Maxipacker is a robot for handling pallets in a high-density racking. Unlike other high-density racking where it is necessary to drive into the rack with the truck, Maxipacker can collect or stack the pallet.

Height safety system

19 January, 2005 | Safety Anchors

The Bi-Line system is used for height safety risk management of vehicles such as road/rail and demountable tankers, refuse collection vehicles and many other commercial vehicles.

Oil sorbents

19 January, 2005 | Hagemeyer Communications

3M Oil Sorbents are designed to contain and control petroleum-based fluids. The sorbent is made of polypropylene microfibre construction. They repel water while absorbing oil and petroleum-based liquids. They will not deteriorate, disintegrate or sink even if left in water for months.The oil sorbent is designed to clean up oil from land and water. During use up to 90% of absorbed oil can be recovered, allowing the material to be reused.

Wet or dry matting

19 January, 2005 | Brady Australia Pty Ltd

24/Seven ergonomic wet or dry matting is available with or without drainage holes and is made of all-purpose 100% natural rubber.

Gas and fire hazards monitor

19 January, 2005 | KD Fisher & Co Pty Ltd

The Crowcon Gasmaster control panel is used to monitor toxic and flammable gases. The wall-mounted device displays all gas levels simultaneously on a large, multilingual LED display, allowing full system status checks at a glance.

Lockout/tagout products

19 January, 2005 | Mayo Hardware Australia

The Safety Series by Master Lock has a line of easy-to-use lockout products featuring rotating gate valve lockouts and electrical plug lockouts, adjustable cable lockouts, modular lockout kits, snap-on safety hasps, lockout stations, and more.

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