Cable guards

08 August, 2005 | Newfema Pty Ltd

Manufactured using the highest quality urethane that will resist high impacts, Elasco Cable Guards are abrasion resistant. They are non conductive to electricity and provide a safe method of covering and protecting against danger and safety issues.

Slip protection

08 August, 2005 | Century 100% Floor Safety

MaxGripSB is a penetrative coating that has been specially formulated for outdoor use, providing effective slip resistance in all weather conditions.

Filter bag media

08 August, 2005 | Donaldson Australasia Pty Ltd

Donaldson Australasia has released Dura-Life - a bag filter media with an operational life claimed to be twice what industry has been achieving with traditional polyester bags.

Pallet protection

08 August, 2005 | ACP Australian Custom Pipes Pty Ltd

Rack Armour is a protection device for pallet racking and industrial shelving which is prone to damage caused by forklifts and other warehouse machinery. It can be used to reduce the cost and time associated with repairing and replacing damaged racking.

Tank bund

08 August, 2005 | Baxter Plastics

The Baxter Plastics tank bund can be provided with a fume scrubber and protective enclosed rain shield that is fully transparent enabling viewing within the tank bund area for safety purposes.

Biometric device

08 August, 2005 | Bio Recognition Systems

Using the latest in biometric technology, BioLock can monitor, control access, audit use and prevent unauthorised or fraudulent entry to any room, building or IT network.

Three-way headlamp

08 August, 2005 | Montville Creative Products

The lightweight Trident Headlamp combines a bright krypton bulb and three ultra bright white LEDs.

Safety padlocks

08 August, 2005 | Brady Australia Pty Ltd

Seton Australia has introduced a new padlock range The Safety Plus Padlock, designed for use in lockout and industrial applications.

Personal locator beacon

08 August, 2005 | RFD (Australia) Pty Ltd

The P-EPIRB (personal emergency position indicating radio beacon) includes a lanyard, GPS interface cable and bulkhead mount.

TI 814 thermal imager

08 August, 2005 | OneTemp Pty Ltd

The Cyclops TI 814 is a high specification, fully featured thermal camera with a 320 x 240 detector that captures high resolution thermal images within the temperature range -20 to 500°C. An extended temperature range of -20 to 1500°C can be specified as an option.

Anti-static fire-retardant clothing

18 July, 2005 | Team Australia

Team Australia has released the HiVis Tech Anti-Static Fire Retardant Jacket and Trouser.

Roof edge protection

18 July, 2005 | A Bending Company

Fully complying with all relevant safety standards, the KeeGuard system features both fewer and lighter components than previous systems for quicker, easier and more cost-effective installation.

Respiratory protection

18 July, 2005 | Queensland Safety Pty Ltd

Respiratory Protection has released the totally re-engineered Pureflo ESM.

Acid/alkali absorbents

18 July, 2005 | Spill Station Australia

Spill Station acid and alkali neutralising absorbents are formulated to absorb a spill and bring common acid spills into the 'safe zone'. It is an easy flowing powder that renders the spill safe for handling and ensures a rapid clean-up.

Full-finger guard

18 July, 2005 | Ansell

The full-fingered VibraGuard is designed for tasks involving vibrations at frequency levels greater than 300 Hz.

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