Treotham Mosaic module range

04 October, 2012 by | Supplied by: Treotham Automation Pty Ltd

Available is a range of Mosiac modules that allow the connection of remote I/O system expansions via MSC bus.

Electrical safety - testing and tagging regulations

19 September, 2012 by Sarah Allen | Supplied by: ATS (Appliance Tagging Services)

The new WHS legislation has added to the confusion surrounding testing and tagging - one of the key elements of electrical safety. In this article, Sarah Allen of Appliance Tagging Services explains the revised testing and tagging requirements across Australia.

Managing electrical hazards in the workplace

03 September, 2012 by | Supplied by: Wormald Australia

Electrical fire hazards exist in almost every workplace and unfortunately, fires resulting from electrical hazards can lead to injury, fatality and damage to property. Common causes of electrical fires are overloaded equipment, electrical short circuiting of worn or damaged cables or heat generated by electrical equipment.

Safety tips when working near overhead powerlines

21 June, 2012 by | Supplied by: WorkCover NSW

Since July 2011, New South Wales has witnessed a total of 55 incidents where cranes, machinery and other mobile plant have come into contact with power lines. This has prompted WorkCover to issue an alert reminding businesses, industry and workers of the dangers arising when operating mobile plant near energised overhead power lines.

Weidmuller SIL 3 Safety Relay

12 June, 2012 by | Supplied by: Weidmuller Pty Ltd

The SIL 3 Safety Relay is created specifically for use in the emergency shutdown of plants and plant components in the process industry. The device meets the requirements of EN61508 as well as the safety demands of Safety Integrity Level 3.

Quint DC/DC converter power supply range

12 June, 2012 by | Supplied by: Phoenix Contact Pty Ltd

Quint DC/DC converter power supplies equipped with selective fuse breaking can be used in hazardous zones and in shipbuilding. The converters trip circuit breakers reliably. Faulty circuits are selectively shut down so that the fault is localised and important system components remain operational.

Times Protect LP-BTR surge arrestor

12 June, 2012 by | Supplied by: Rojone Pty Ltd

The Times Protect LP-BTR high performance surge arrestor series addresses applications in the 200-1000 MHz spectrum. The DC blocking technology employed in this design provides optimum isolation of the antenna port from the protected equipment port for maximum surge protection.

Salisbury insulated tool range

05 June, 2012 by | Supplied by: Honeywell Industrial Safety

The non-sparking and non-magnetic insulated tools and tool kits from Salisbury include wrenches, pliers, cutters, screwdrivers, sockets and tool kits, which can be used within environments where hazardous, flammable or combustible vapours, liquids, dusts or residues may be present.

Narda Safety Test Solutions Selective Radiation Meter SRM-3006 with LTE option

04 June, 2012 by | Supplied by: Narda Safety Test Solutions GmbH

Narda Safety Test Solutions has equipped its Selective Radiation Meter SRM-3006 frequency selective field measuring instrument with an LTE option (which can be retrofitted to older instruments).

FLIR IR windows

29 May, 2012 by | Supplied by: FLIR Systems Australia Pty Ltd

Opening electrical cabinets to perform IR and visual inspections of live components is dangerous work, exposing technicians to the risk of a hazardous arc flash incident. Placing FLIR IR Windows between the user and their energised equipment adds safety and eliminates the need for opening enclosures.

Treotham Automation igus ESD electrical chain safety modules

29 May, 2012 by | Supplied by: Treotham Automation Pty Ltd

igumid ESD has been designed for applications where there are any electrostatic discharges that are potentially damaging, for instance manufacturing or handling of sensitive electronic products and component parts.

Fluke 28 II Ex DMM digital multimeter for hazardous zones

28 May, 2012 by | Supplied by: Fluke Australia Pty Ltd

Fluke Corporation has introduced the Fluke 28 II Ex DMM, a digital multimeter for measurements both inside and outside of hazardous zones. The device meets intrinsic safety (IS) standards worldwide (Qld pending) for safe use inside potentially explosive environments, making it suitable for use in petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical facilities.

Weidmuller SIL 3 Safety Relay

25 May, 2012 by | Supplied by: Weidmuller Pty Ltd

Electrical connectivity supplier Weidmuller has released its SIL 3 Safety Relay. Created specifically for use in the emergency shutdown of plants and plant components in the process industry, the device increases plant availability and safety.

9 safety tips for those working on electrical circuits in conduits

23 April, 2012 by

WorkCover NSW has issued a safety alert to remind electrical workers of the inherent dangers of cutting electrical conduits that are in service. These conduits may contain multiple circuits. This is in response to an incident where an electrical contractor received a fatal electric shock. The contractor was replacing a faulty lighting circuit that was located in an underground heavy-duty PVC conduit. He isolated the lighting circuit at the meter board and proceeded to carry out the repairs.

Allen-Bradley Guardmaster safety relays

30 March, 2012 by | Supplied by: Rockwell Automation Australia

The line of Allen-Bradley Guardmaster safety relays features single-wire communication capability that helps eliminate the need for dual-channel connection between relays.

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