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Toxic gas sensors

21 April, 2008

The Bionics toxic gas sensors are available for the detection of a wide range of toxic, corrosive and flammable gases.
The detectors are housed in IP65-rated cases, allowing installation in both outdoors and harsh environments.

Methane analyser for engines

22 January, 2008

Austech Instruments has custom designed a methane analyser for monitoring the concentration of methane fed to engine modules, particularly those installed in power stations supplied by landfill waste gas or coal seam methane.

Sulfur hexafluoride detector

22 January, 2008

The Austech SF6 leak detector is an extractive gas sampling system designed for the continuous detection and monitoring of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) gas leaks. The product houses an in-built gas sensor which is designed to enhance the detection sensitivity of SF6.

Underground safety communication technology

18 December, 2007

Sydney company Tiller + Tiller has developed an underground communications technology for the mining industry. The technology is for use on the integrated communications cap lamp (ICCL), which is a lightweight cap lamp developed to incorporate a range of communications and safety technologies.

Beam-type smoke detector

18 December, 2007

The Fireray 5000 from Firefighting Enterprises has been certified as compliant with EN54:12, CPD (Centre for Policy Development) and LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) standards. The F5000 beam-type smoke detector incorporates the Easifit first fix system and a visual Laser alignment aid to ease installation. Once fitted, an automated, motorised beam optimisation process ensures that the infrared beam is always adjusted for maximum efficiency and functionality.

Vehicle emergency respiration systems

21 November, 2007

The Mine Vehicle Breathing Air (MVBA) systems are designed and installed in vehicle cabins where entrapment or irrespirable atmospheres are a potential hazard.

Compact confined space gas detector

19 October, 2007

BW Technologies has introduced the revolutionary GasAlertMicroClip, the world's most compact multi-sensor confined space gas detector.

Multi-gas monitor

20 June, 2007

The MX6 iBrid is a full-featured multi-gas monitor.

MX6 iBrid Multi-Gas Monitor

24 May, 2007

The MX6 iBrid is the new full featured multi-gas monitor from Industrial Scientific. The user-friendly design of the unit features a full-color liquid crystal display and 5-way navigation button to scroll through the menu-based operating system.

Multi-sensor confined space gas detector

20 March, 2007

BW Technologies by Honeywell introduces the revolutionary GasAlertMicroClip, the world's most compact multi-sensor confined space gas detector. The GasAlertMicroClip offers full-function multi-gas instrument performance, with the simplicity, compact size and ease of use of a disposable gas detector. The small size, long life and high specificity of the sensors are central to the sleek, compact and functional design.

Intrinsically safe toxic vapour analyser

20 March, 2007

The TVA1000B is an over-the-shoulder portable vapour analyser that offers both PID (photo ionisation detection) and FID (flame ionisation detection) in a single, easy-to-use instrument.

Portable multi-gas monitor

25 January, 2007

The Scout is a tough and simple-to-use multi-gas monitor that measures and displays toxic gases, oxygen and combustible gas concentrations simultaneously. These measurements are possible through selection from a wide range of interchangeable (plug-and-play) smart sensors.

GasBadge Pro personal gas monitor

25 January, 2007

The 'dockable' GasBadge Pro single gas monitor is now available with a low hydrogen (H2) interference carbon monoxide (CO) sensor option.

Compact gas detector

16 November, 2006

The GasAlertMicroClip is a compact multi-sensor confined space gas detector. It offers full-function multi-gas instrument performance with the simplicity, compact size and ease of use of a disposable gas detector.

Confined space system and tags

16 November, 2006

Scafftag's Entrytag is a tag which helps identify hazards and details necessary precautions which need be taken before entering an enclosed area. An Entrytag at the point of entry to the confined space clearly displays the minimum requirements before entry and the latest status of the area. The user-friendly and weather-resistant tag is a complete confined space status tagging system. It helps prevent accidents and efficiently manage inspection procedures. The tags can be customised according to requirements including inspection data displayed and branding. Magnetic tags are also available.

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