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Employee fined over fumes explosion

31 May, 2010

A South Australian man has been fined over injuries sustained by fellow workers when he lit a cigarette lighter in close proximity to flammable gases in his workplace.

Vesda Eco smoke and gas detection system

21 May, 2010 by

Combined with a Vesda aspirating smoke detection system, the Vesda Eco reliably detects smoke and up to nine different gases to ensure air quality in occupied areas.

Linde G-Tecta range of portable gas detection instruments

13 May, 2010 by

The Linde G-Tecta range of portable gas detection instruments includes multiple or single gases instruments that are suitable to monitor an environment for dangerous gases and oxygen.

Seven lessons to prevent worker deaths during hot-work in and around tanks

07 April, 2010

Research by the US Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board has identified the need for more effective hazard assessments and use of combustible gas monitoring to save the lives of workers engaged in hot-work.

Biosystems ToxiPro gas monitor

18 March, 2010 by

The Biosystems ToxiPro monitor is designed to monitor atmospheric hazards and is fully serviceable and re-usable.

Man dies delivering beer in country hotel

12 March, 2010

WorkSafe Victoria is investigating the death of a man in the cellar of a country hotel as he was delivering beer.

CAC Gas non-refillable calibration gas cylinder recycling program

02 March, 2010

The CAC Gas recycling program for empty non-refillable calibration gas cylinders allows all 34, 58, 103 and 112 L cylinders to be recycled.

Panametrics DF-140E oxygen analyser

27 January, 2010 by

The Panametrics DF-140E oxygen analyser is designed to provide dependable and accurate oxygen measurements in a wide variety of environments, including outdoors (with Type 4X enclosure) and in explosive environments (with Type 7 remote-sensor enclosure).

Sperian Protection Australia Biosystems IQ6 docking station

15 January, 2010

The Biosystems IQ6 docking station is fully automated to perform bump tests and calibration, if necessary, of Biosystems PhD6 gas detectors.

Just owning the safety equipment is not enough to save you

02 January, 2010 by Paul Stathis

People are injured and killed when working in confined spaces, despite all of the warning, detection and protection equipment available. Safety regulators all around the world can accurately pinpoint how people are injured or die and the most common environments in which injuries and deaths occur. So with all those statistics about working in confined spaces and control measures, why do injuries and deaths still occur?

Mitigating the risk of explosions in metallurgical furnaces

24 September, 2009

The Siemens LDS6 laser gas analyser is helping to improve safety and save millions of dollars in damage repairs for the Tasmanian Electro Metallurgical company (TEMCO), a subsidiary of BHP Billiton that is located in Tasmania. It does this by alerting workers at the manganese ferro-alloy plant of an imminent furnace explosion and giving them sufficient time to prevent it.

Gas detection docking station

18 September, 2009 by

Compatible with the Biosystems Multi Pro range of gas detection units, the Multi Pro IQ Express Docking Station is fully automated and features automatic instrument identification.

FLIR Infrared cameras

18 September, 2009

The second generation of GF-Series infrared cameras, previously known as GasFindIR has been released.

CAC Gas & Instrumentation gas manifolds

18 September, 2009

The CAC Gas & Instrumentation gas manifolds and changeover systems provide an engineered solution for gas calibration applications.

Hazardous gas monitor

07 August, 2009 by

The OdaLog H2S Logger was developed specifically to measure concentration levels of hazardous hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S) for the odour-management requirements of the wastewater industry, primarily at or close to the source of H2S emissions, such as within sewerage pumping stations and receiving manholes.

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