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Odalog 7000 MkII NO2 and CO Area Monitor

01 October, 2017

The Odalog 7000 MkII is a portable multigas monitor for air quality measurement, logging or personal monitoring in car parks, loading areas and related zones.

KELLER Series D piezoresistive OEM pressure transmitters

11 July, 2017

The KELLER Series D piezoresistive OEM pressure transmitters are designed for applications in strongly hazardous areas of the gas group II (industry applications).

Safety alert: non-compliant gas monitors

27 June, 2017

Workers in the NSW mining and extractives industry are advised that the Nautitech (NTMS) RapidSense Exia methane gas detection unit has been identified by the Resources Regulator as using a different housing to the unit that was tested and design registered.

Scott Safety Protégé SG single gas monitor

01 May, 2017

The Scott Safety Protégé SG is a re-usable, easy-to-use single gas monitor that is configurable to detect 13 different gases.

Ventis Pro Series multi-gas monitors

07 February, 2017

The Ventis Pro Series multi-gas monitors offer support for additional sensor and language options.

BW Clip4 four-gas portable monitor

06 February, 2017

The BW Clip4 is a four-gas, portable monitor that can operate continuously for two years without the need to change sensors or charge batteries.

Designing safer explosions for miners

07 July, 2016

Research to improve safety and risks to surrounding areas by controlling nitrogen dioxide levels during mine blasting is now underway at Murdoch University.

Industrial Scientific Ventis Pro Series Multi-Gas Monitors

18 May, 2016

The Industrial Scientific Ventis Pro Series Multi-Gas Monitors, which include the Pro4 and Pro5 models, are lightweight wearable instruments that workers can keep at their sides to safely detect gases in their working environments.

BOC DETECTAGAS cylinder gas detection service

24 March, 2016

BOC has launched a DETECTAGAS cylinder offer to support the safe detection of toxins and flammable or explosive atmospheres in confined workplaces.

'e-fabrics' detect toxic gases

14 October, 2015

Scientists in Korea have developed wearable, graphene-coated fabrics that can detect dangerous gases in the air by alerting the wearer with an LED light.

Technical bulletin: MSA XCell Pulse technology - pulse check

12 February, 2015

The bulletin contains a general description on how the MSA's gas detectors with XCell Pulse technology can be used to improve the efficiency of bump tests.

ALTAIR 2X Gas Detector range

12 February, 2015

The ALTAIR 2X Gas Detector range incorporates XCell sensor technology to enhance worker safety, compliance and traceability.

Latest technology for reducing the time and cost of daily bump testing

19 November, 2014

One of the major responsibilities companies have towards their employees working in confined and hazardous spaces is to guarantee their safety.

Drone used to monitor emissions

06 November, 2014

Taking advantage of methane that would otherwise escape into the atmosphere provides Australian businesses with an untapped fuel resource and opportunity to minimise their carbon footprint, according to scientific research and designers Draco Scientific.

FLIR G300a, G330pt and A6604 optical gas detection

01 September, 2014

FLIR Systems has introduced three thermal cameras for optical gas detection: the FLIR G300a, G300pt and A6604. These cameras are suitable for monitoring gas pipelines and installations from safe distances.

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