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Productivity and safety in harmony: Interview about integrated sensor solutions for robotics

01 November, 2023 | SICK Pty Ltd

There is a paradigm shift currently under way at SICK in the field of sensor and system solutions for using robots safely and efficiently.

Safety camera sensors safeVisionary2

01 July, 2023 | SICK Pty Ltd

Safe 3D environment perception opens up new dimensions.

Safe 3D environment perception opens up new dimensions

01 May, 2023 | SICK Pty Ltd

safeVisionary2 allows safe three-dimensional environment perception that you can use to increase the safety and efficiency of your applications.

Autonomous vehicles from Asseco CEIT — fully equipped with intelligent sensor technology

15 August, 2022 | SICK Pty Ltd

Production and intralogistics complement each other perfectly and are growing together.

Greater availability of AGVs due to weather-dependent speed adjustment

01 September, 2021 | SICK Pty Ltd

The SICK AGV Dynamic Weather Assist safety system enables continuous operation of automated guided vehicles, even in heavy rain or snowfall.

Support services for factory, logistics and process automation

26 April, 2021 | SICK Pty Ltd

SICK has a comprehensive portfolio of support services and a range of products that can adapt to varying automation and ease-of-use requirements.

Complete sensor solutions for AGC systems in CEP distribution centers

01 March, 2021 | SICK Pty Ltd

SICK offers its modular Eco-System for AGCs — with sensor solutions that make autonomous vehicles safe and efficient tools for enhanced intralogistical productivity.

Playing it safe: Swiss design engineers choose SICK safety solutions

11 February, 2021 | SICK Pty Ltd

Three tried-and-proven products from SICK assume the safety tasks in the various machine variants of the "Electric" from BalTec.

Installing outdoor safety laser scanners

03 August, 2020 | SICK Pty Ltd

Following its transition to outdoor safety, SICK has outlined how best to implement its outdoor safety laser scanner, outdoorScan3, in many applications.

Seven (potentially) deadly sins when setting up safety laser scanners

01 March, 2020 | SICK Pty Ltd

SICK has developed a wealth of knowledge regarding the successful application of Safety Laser Scanner technology; in this guide you will find below expert advice to assist you with successful implementation of this technology.

Driving your industry 4ward: sensor intelligence as the foundation of Industry 4.0

01 September, 2019 | SICK Pty Ltd

The data-based, networked, and autonomous value creation chain in production and logistics is the culmination of recent technological innovation.

Increased safety for direct drives

23 May, 2018 | SICK Pty Ltd

Hollow shaft, multiturn, safety: the new motor feedback systems in the SES/SEM product family from SICK.

Safety without the need for protective fences

27 March, 2018 | SICK Pty Ltd

With the help of safety laser scanners, a machinery engineer has ensured the safe operation of a robot on an injection moulding machine.

3D images give a clearer view

12 February, 2018 | SICK Pty Ltd

Outdoor industrial environments are constantly changing and to ensure that changes are always detected, SICK has designed its Visionary-B sensors with two eyes, in the form of horizontally offset lenses.

Safety solutions for intelligent human-robot collaboration

16 September, 2016 | SICK Pty Ltd

Human-robot collaboration (HRC) describes a work scenario in which humans and automated machines share a workspace.

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