New machine safety rating service

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Thursday, 01 February, 2024

New machine safety rating service

Maintaining an overview of the safety of a production plant with numerous machines is a challenge that should not be underestimated. Knowing which machines can continue to be operated safely, and where urgent need for safety improvement exists requires time and expert knowledge.

What is Machine Safety Rating service?

The SICK safety experts create a comprehensive overview of the relevant machines and evaluate their safety-related condition based on defined criteria. This rating of each machine makes it possible to prioritize required safety-related improvements.

  • Safety-related rating of individual machines
  • Summary of the biggest safety deficits on individual machines
  • Assistance with prioritizing where to start with safety improvements.

Why do we provide such service?

For the multiple machines in a production facility or on the shop floor, the management is responsible to maintain safe working conditions for their employees. Knowing which machines might be unsafe to use and have the highest need for safety improvements is a challenge the management often faces.

Supporting the evaluation of the general safety condition of machines and provide information to efficiently plan necessary safety improvements is the goal of the service.

A machine in production for some time usually has safety issues because of several reasons. For example, changed functionalities of the machine, manipulation, safety components are worn out, damaged, broken, altered, dirty etc. Evaluating the safety condition is often a challenge for a machine end user due to lack of the safety expertise and experience required to conduct such evaluation. Before planning the safety upgrades for the machines in a plant, SICK often receive requests from the customers to identify the machines with the highest and immediate risk potential!

With the machine safety rating from SICK, our customer gets an overview about the general safety condition of any type of the machines in the entire shop floor and production lines, a priority score indicating which machines have the highest need for improvements.

Compared to a Risk Assessment service, the Machine Safety Rating produces documents providing an overview of the machine park, evaluating the general hazard for each machine and scoring each machine for end users to prioritise upgrade scheme to address immediate risks with a lower cost hence maximise the return on investment.

Why should you choose the Machine Safety Rating service?

Upon receiving an informative overview of the safety-related condition of your machines, you can plan your upgrade measures efficiently and more goal-oriented based on the prioritisation recommendations in the report.

SICK standardised procedures and defined processes ensure efficient validations of a consistently high quality worldwide. Put trust in the hands of SICK safety experts with many years of field experience and subject matter knowledge. Now, as a business owner or facility manager, you can save valuable time and resources to focus on your core business.

How to proceed if you want to get the service done?

Clarify the scope of work with our safety specialist by providing information such as:

  • Which machine/machines are requested
  • Specific requirements by you
  • Is technical machine documentation available for reference

SICK safety service team will then prepare a quotation based on the technical clarification, scope of work and estimated hours required to complete the service.

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