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Achieving safe motion control

04 May, 2016 | SICK Pty Ltd

Safety in industrial environments between machinery and people is challenging, but achievable, thanks to innovative sensor technology ensuring safe drive and motion monitoring.

Industry 4.0 intelligent sensors

07 March, 2016 | SICK Pty Ltd

In this article, SICK looks at the possibilities of today's sensor intelligence in industrial 4.0 environments, and their value in improving the safety of people working with machinery in the supply chain.

A time of reform in the forming industry - increased productivity on servo presses thanks to new safety concepts

05 May, 2015 | SICK Pty Ltd

The Flexi Soft safety controller and the Drive Monitor FX3-MOC0 Motion Control module are allowing new concepts for servo drives in the machine tool industry to be realised.

Forklifts 'face-off' in narrow aisle

29 April, 2015 | SICK Pty Ltd

Anti-collision technology that allows users to operate more than one vehicle in a narrow aisle.

Averting potential fire danger inside the tunnel

20 October, 2014 | SICK Pty Ltd

Plenty of people underestimate the danger of a fire spreading through a tunnel. Smoke and heat have no way to escape, and they spread at rapid speeds. The short amount of time needed for hot axles or cracked brake rotors on trucks or motor coaches to cause a fire is also well established. Despite all this, there is a way to identify overheating parts on a vehicle before it enters a tunnel and to pull that vehicle out of traffic: using the VHD Pro vehicle hot spot detector from SICK.

Bidirectional communication with IO-Link sensors

13 October, 2014 | SICK Pty Ltd

IO-Link technology offers a range of options for cost-effective, bidirectional communication between sensors and automation systems.

Intelligent analysis and evaluation

08 October, 2014 | SICK Pty Ltd

Users require reliable data in real time to enable the connection of sensors and safety controllers to standard automation systems.

Anti-collision systems ensure safe container-terminal operations

07 October, 2014 | SICK Pty Ltd

Container terminals operate on a 24/7 basis, so the demand on availability is extremely high. Collisions involving the boom of ship-to-shore cranes and the ships themselves pose the greatest risk in daily operations.

Single cable technology with high resolution feedback

07 October, 2014 | SICK Pty Ltd

To Kollmorgen as a manufacturer of drives, HIPERFACE DSL from SICK provides the option of using single-cable technology even when the application requires a high resolution motor feedback signal.

Increased safety for tyre-curing presses

01 July, 2014 | SICK Pty Ltd

Sick has been working with tyre manufacturer Continental to improve safety on its tyre-curing presses, which are in use at 16 locations around the world. Continental was seeking to equip the presses with a uniform, global safety concept while achieving optimum ergonomics and flexibility.

Vehicle safety in mining

30 January, 2013 | SICK Pty Ltd

The increase in mine productivity has led to a proportional increase in the size of the equipment used. Most vehicles have considerable operator blind spots, due to scale alone. Despite the best efforts of operators, accidents on mine sites remain an industry-wide problem. The reasons for accidents are diverse, so too are the collision scenarios.

Safeguarding your machine

05 October, 2012 | SICK Pty Ltd

In the early days of the industrial revolution, labour was cheap and there was little regard for pain and suffering of injured workers. In more recent times, we have evolved through changes in social attitudes, placing more value on people who work with machines. These changes ensure that we continue to develop safeguarding measures for existing and new machinery. The challenge is to continue to improve the existing safety of machinery and also, as we make advances in technology, any new hazards need to be managed in a way that aligns with what is expected from the modern-day employer.

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