Driving your industry 4ward: sensor intelligence as the foundation of Industry 4.0

SICK Pty Ltd
Sunday, 01 September, 2019

The precondition for any industrial change is technological progress. The data-based, networked, and autonomous value creation chain in production and logistics is the culmination of recent technological innovation. We refer to these developments as the fourth industrial revolution.

Information gathering for industry processes

The future is now. The fourth industrial revolution is in full swing. Worldwide! Networked production and control processes in complex machine environments are no longer a thing of the future. The foundation for dynamic, real-time-optimized, and self-organizing industry processes is information gathering and the further processing of that information. As providers of data, sensors are essential for Smart Factories. SICK, an expert in sensors, is therefore at the forefront of developments. Sensor technology is the prerequisite for successful implementation of Industry 4.0.

Sensors process measurement data into information

As building blocks of the future, SICK sensors act in an intelligent manner and can further process the collected measurement data and autonomously transmit it. And SICK is continuing to make advances in the areas of networking and data transmission. We enable our customers to collect targeted, application-specific data by individually configuring our sensors for optimized and efficient production processes. Let’s continue to build on this together!

Industry 4.0 with sensor intelligence from SICK

The fourth industrial revolution in focus

The data-based, networked, and autonomous value creation chain in production and logistics is the culmination of recent technological innovation.

Networking and digitization in production

The nature of communication is changing. In transparent production processes, machines communicate both with one another as well as directly over the Ethernet or in the cloud via intelligent sensors. This allows the Smart Factory to become a reality.

Sensor intelligence in the Smart Factory

A Smart Factory is a prerequisite for Industry 4.0. Every sensor, every machine, and every human involved can communicate with and among one another at any time. This enables the development of completely new applications.

Data sovereignty and data security

Production data is a valuable asset for every company. Providing protection against data manipulation and defining how further processing is controlled are strategies which are part of the system solutions from SICK at the beginning of the networked value creation chain.

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