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SICK safeRS and safeRS3 safe radar systems

06 April, 2023

The safeRS and safeRS3 safe radar systems are electro-sensitive 3D protective devices for safe personal detection with high machine productivity.

Bestech 710B electrical testing panel

13 March, 2023

The 710B Electrical Test Board from Bestech comes with user-friendly computer-controlled HMI and can be remotely activated by instructors.

Protect-Air ToolReg In-line Air Regulator

01 February, 2023

Factory set to prevent pressure changes, the ToolReg In-line Air Regulator is designed to be fully tamper-proof and ensure that only the required pressure is used for each individual pneumatic tool.

Safety alert after switchboards cause electric shocks

07 October, 2022

The Electrical Safety Office of Queensland has issued a safety alert for electricity meter installers after switchboards caused two separate electric shocks from battery powered devices.

Two NSW companies fined $1.05m over fatal electrocution

30 September, 2022

Two companies have been fined $600,000 and $450,000 after a young worker was fatally electrocuted while working on a warehouse roof in 2019.

WA tradie fined after wiring error causes electric shock

08 September, 2022

A WA tradesman has been fined $7500 after he mistakenly wired live parts of a shutter power cord into a mains power socket outlet, causing an electrician to receive a mild electric shock.

EXAIR High Lift Reversible Drum Vac

01 September, 2022

This vacuum is suitable for the recovery of fluids like coolant, hydraulic oils, sludge and chips, wastewater, tramp oil and liquid spills.

Safety alert issued over unlicensed electrical testing

17 May, 2022

Building and Energy has urged WA manufacturers to ensure that testing of electrical equipment above a certain voltage is only carried out by licensed electricians.

WA network operator fined for inadequate testing procedures

27 April, 2022

Western Power has been fined for not providing adequate testing instructions, which could have prevented voltage rises that damaged electrical appliances at a Lacelin property.

Western Power fined $30,000 for electric shock error

11 April, 2022

Western Power has been fined after an electric shock error caused four Kingsley homes to become live with up to 230 volts of electricity, with one man sustaining an electric shock.

Metro Trains fined after worker suffers arc flash injury

17 March, 2022

Metro Trains Melbourne has been fined $100,000 for failing to ensure that the workplace was safe, after a worker suffered an electric shock in 2018.

Disciplinary actions taken against Qld electrical licence holders

28 February, 2022

In November and December 2021, Queensland's Electrical Licensing Committee took disciplinary actions against 14 licence holders.

Electrician fined $2000 for hazardous electrical error

21 February, 2022

An electrician has been fined $2000 for failing to follow kilowatt-hour meter replacement guidelines, which led to three people receiving electrical shocks.

Bolt tensioning device enhances power worker safety at electricity plants

06 December, 2021

A bolt tensioning device that protects nuclear power workers by enabling groups of fasteners to be torqued or released immediately has opened doors for Aussie innovators at global electricity plants.

WA electrician, company fined $32,500 for safety breach

29 November, 2021

A WA electrical company and electrician have been fined a combined $32,500 for failing to install a key safety component in a switchboard.

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