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Olympus EPOCH 650 Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

31 July, 2015

The EPOCH 650 Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector from Olympus is a portable handheld device for inspection environments from laboratory benchtop testing to extreme outdoor and hazardous conditions.

Emerson Modbus RS485 addition to Rosemount 8700M platform

22 July, 2015

Emerson Process Management has added the Modbus RS485 and a low power offering to its Rosemount 8700M magnetic flowmeter platform, providing reliability with intelligent diagnostics to help users across various industries take advantage of improved installation, maintenance and process management practices.

Fluke PRV240 Proving Unit

07 July, 2015

The Fluke PRV240 Proving Unit is designed to reduce the risk of shock and arc flash by providing a known voltage in a controlled, low-current state in accordance with safe work practices.

Rapid Test RCD test and compliance system

09 June, 2015

Rapid Test can be installed on a switchboard to provide a method for testing multiple RCDs (residual current devices) without having to plug directly into a power circuit.

Narda RadMan Personal RF Field Radiation Monitor

30 September, 2014

Available to rent, the RadMan Personal RF Field Radiation Monitor provides safe and timely warning of electromagnetic fields directly threatening humans in their presence. As 50% of the maximum permissible exposure limit is exceeded, a warning buzzer sounds.

Rapid Test RCD tester

22 July, 2014

Rapid Test is an RCD tester that is mounted into a switchboard, with Wi-Fi capabilities.

Seaward ProTag Elite test and tag system

28 October, 2013

The Seaward ProTag Elite System is an advanced testing, tagging and asset inspection management system.

Fluke VT04 visual infrared thermometer

27 September, 2013

The Fluke VT04 visual infrared thermometer has a built-in digital camera and thermal heat map overlay that bridges the gap between traditional IR thermometers and infrared cameras.

Euchner CES-C04 safety switch

25 September, 2013

The Euchner CES-C04 safety switch has a compact housing design.

Minimising electrical risks in the workplace

25 July, 2013

The skilled worker’s job in electrical safety certification is made easier with the use of rapidly improving and evolving technologies. Thermal imaging is one such technology.  Thermal imaging cameras are beginning to lead the way as a cost-effective and practical solution for eliminating many electrical risks.

Emona Instruments PAC3760 Plus II portable appliance and RCD tester

24 July, 2013

Emona Instruments has released the PAC3760 Plus II portable appliance and RCD tester which includes an in-built isolation transformer.

CorDEX TC7000 IR Camera

13 June, 2013

The CorDEX TC7000 IR Camera is designed to provide thermography in hazardous/explosive areas. Suitable for oil and gas, mining and hazardous dust environments, the intrinsically safe radiometric thermal imaging camera is ATEX and IECEx certified.

Narda NIM-511 and NIM-513 industrial field meter range

13 December, 2012

The Narda industrial field meters NIM-511 and NIM-513 are complete handheld measuring systems consisting of a basic unit and a measuring probe equipped with electric and magnetic field sensors.

Added flash for PCB testing

11 December, 2012

PCB manufacturers may now have a solution to meet the demand for flash/HIPOT tested (2 kV) unpopulated boards.

Electrical safety must not be taken for granted

09 October, 2012

Master Electricians Australia (MEA) has urged Sydney contractors and tradies to remain diligent with electrical safety precautions following two separate incidents late last week where one man received burns to 90% of his body and another man died.

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