Cut-off sensors

29 July, 2003 | Micromax Pty Ltd

Banner Engineering has announced the QS30AF high-accuracy adjustable-field sensors.

Switchgear interlocking

29 July, 2003 | Fortress Systems Pty Ltd

Originally used in high voltage applications, mechanical interlocks have been adapted for use on medium and low voltage switchgear.

Disconnect device

29 July, 2003 | NHP Electrical Engineering Products Pty Ltd

The Sprecher+Schuh KT7-25-TRE disconnect device offers added safety for installations utilising the KTA7 motor circuit breakers.

Roof fan

29 July, 2003 | Fanquip

Fanquip has developed the Vertical Discharge Roof Fan to quickly expel unwanted, hot, or contaminated air through the roof at fast rates.

Industrial security software

29 July, 2003 | Elpro Technologies

Elpro Technologies has announced the release of improved security features in its CyNET wireless I/O product range.

Continuous emissions analyser

29 July, 2003 | Pryde Measurement Pty Ltd

The Servomex 4900 continuous emissions analyser monitors levels of oxygen, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen in flue gases.

Cooling towers

29 July, 2003 | Aqua-Cool Towers Pty Ltd

The AFT (advanced fibreglass technology) range of cooling towers has been produced to go well beyond the requirements of AS 3666. Ease of access and maintenance has been increased by designing the product for the material of manufacture.

Safety guard lock switch

29 July, 2003 | Ramelec Pty Ltd

The 3SE28 family of safety limit switches from Siemens Automation & Drives is suitable for guard door monitoring where personnel entry must be prevented by a locking mechanism. The 2000N lock is complemented by a selection of separate actuators.

PSEN 2.2 safety switch

29 July, 2003 | Pilz Australia Industrial Automation LP

A non-contact safety switch from Pilz with an 8 mm switching distance is simple to install, copes with bouncing gates and meets international safety standards.

Monitoring system for workplace hazards

24 June, 2003 | Envirorent Pty Ltd

SensorLynx is a monitoring system measuring a variety of workplace hazards with one common system. The monitor can be expanded by linking from one to ten application-specific modules via snap-on or cable (for remote monitoring).

End-of-line tester

24 June, 2003 | TRIO Test & Measurement

Trio Electrix has available an end-of-line tester (EOL tester) and data logger, suitable for use on production lines.

Forklift training

24 June, 2003

The Safety Awareness Training Pack is a comprehensive training resource from Technik Interactive Media. Written with the trainer in mind, support is provided both for the trainer and the operator and will allow a company to carry out its own 'in-house' training sessions.

Protective eyewear lenses

24 June, 2003 | Optix Lenses

Industrial workers who need magnification assistance for their protective eyewear can use OPTX 20/20 HydroTac lenses. The lenses use removable lens technology. Each lens is manufactured from micro-thin pliable plastic into a half-moon shape for positioning in the inside bottom 25% of safety eyewear.

Traffic arrow signs

24 June, 2003 | Sykes Australia Ltd

Sykes Safeway has released a range of 'A, B and C' sizes arrow signs. All signs are built to AS/NZS1492:1994 standard. 'A' 1220 x 650 mm size has 13 lamps and is suitable for single carriageways and speeds up to 70 kph; 'B' 1500 x 750 mm size has 15 lamps and is used on dual carriageways and speeds up to 70 kph; 'C' 2400 x 1200 mm size is used for freeways and can be truck or trailer mounted.

Cable tie tool

24 June, 2003 | Panduit International Ltd

Using pneumatic power, the PTS cable tie installation tool automatically tensions and cuts off small to medium size cable ties in a fraction of a second.

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