Oral scan drug testing

Thursday, 22 April, 2004 | Supplied by: http://www.pocd.com.au/

OralScan is a drug test that works on oral fluid. Oral fluid and saliva are not the same thing. Oral fluid consists of saliva plus many other fluids such as sputum from the lungs and throat, and nasal drainage.

Recreational drugs permeate the body, irrespective of whether they are ingested, snorted or swallowed. Therefore, any oral fluid can be used for drug testing.

The best thing about oral fluid is that if it is in the blood it is in the oral fluid. And of course if it is in the blood it is in the brain too, and so the person is impaired by the drug. This compares with urine testing, where the drugs may stay in the system for several days, or even weeks. OralScan can give an actual indication of what is impairing the testee at the time. This view is becoming more widely acknowledged as a test for impairment by drugs. That's why many companies are turning to oral fluid instead of urine testing, especially in 'for cause' cases.

OralScan tests for six different drugs in oral fluid. It takes 10 mins, is disposable and inexpensive. It is a less embarrassing and intrusive method for staff.

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