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Analytical Industries GPR-1100 portable oxygen analyser

02 November, 2017

The Analytical Industries GPR-1100 portable oxygen analyser is designed for marine maintenance.

Occupational asthma rates could be vastly under-reported

20 October, 2017

Occupation-related asthma accounts for at least 200 workers compensation claims every year, but it is thought that the illness is vastly under-reported.

Cancer risk heightened by exposure to silica dust

16 October, 2017

Tradies need to be more aware of cancer risks stemming from silica dust exposure, according to Cancer Council Australia.

Big Ass Fans Powerfoil X3.0. industrial fan

01 October, 2017

The Powerfoil X3.0. is Big Ass Fans' biggest, strongest and most durable industrial fan.

Scott Safety AVIVA half-mask respirator

01 October, 2017

AVIVA is a half-mask from Scott Safety.

Well-fitted respirators encourage regular PPE use

25 September, 2017

Every year, thousands of workers experience breathing or lung problems related to poorly fitted respiratory equipment.

WorkSafe initiative promotes cleaner air for concrete workers

01 September, 2017

The risks posed by airborne hazards at work have been identified for precast concrete companies in New Zealand.

Beat the heat with Big Ass Fans

01 September, 2017

Heat stress is Australia's most fatal natural disaster, killing more people than all other natural disasters combined.

Staying safe around welding fume

01 August, 2017 by David Chippendale, Marketing Manager, AWS and Terry Gorman, Senior Occupational Hygienist and Technical Specialist, 3M’s Personal Safety Division

There are a number of things that workers can do to reduces the health hazards caused by welding fume.

Respiratory protection that's fit for the job

26 June, 2017 by Terry Gorman, Senior Occupational Hygienist, 3M Australia Pty Limited

Many workplaces can have significant concentrations of airborne contaminants and need to control worker exposure to these materials. While controls like extract ventilation, wet methods or substitution can assist, there are many workplace situations where personal respiratory protective equipment is needed.

The new ISO respirator standard: don't hold your breath

23 June, 2017

New advances in Australian standards, based on extensive research and work by the International Standards Organization (ISO), will bring big changes to both manufacturers and users of breathing protection equipment. But how long will we have to wait?

CleanSpace Powered P3 respirators

05 June, 2017

The CleanSpace Powered P3 respirators available from Thermo Fisher Scientific have up to 8 h run time.

3M 6500 Series Rugged Comfort half facepiece reusable respirator

01 June, 2017

3M has expanded its family of respirators to include the 3M 6500 Series Rugged Comfort half facepiece reusable respirator.

How to ensure your respiratory mask fits correctly

31 May, 2017

When wearing respiratory protective equipment (RPE), it is necessary to prevent exposure to contaminants by ensuring a tight seal is made around the face.

The S.E.A. Group respiratory protection training program

22 May, 2017

Safety Equipment Australia's latest generation of training material has been developed in order to follow new trends in the workplace, modern mindsets and expectations when it comes to occupational safety, changes in teaching methods, and — in particular — emerging training technologies.

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