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State of silica in South Australia

10 December, 2019

Earlier this year SafeWork SA undertook a proactive audit program of silica risk among engineered stone workers. We take a look at the newly released report.

CleanSpace Respirators are a breath of fresh air for protection against silica dust

02 December, 2019

CleanSpace Respirators are a new PAPR that solve all the problems that can lead to low respirator compliance in the workplace.

3M Speedglas Heavy-duty Welding Helmet G5-01

11 November, 2019

3M's Speedglas Heavy-duty Welding Helmet G5-01 is designed to provide professional welders with comfort, protection and adaptability.

2020 Welding Fume Update — The Current State of Play

11 November, 2019

If you are involved in the welding industry, the new 2020 Welding Fume Update released by AWS is a must read.

Qualitative vs quantitative fit tests: what’s the difference?

06 November, 2019 by Brad Rodgers*

Workers must pass a 'fit test' before being issued tight-fitting respirators. Brad Rodgers differentiates quantitative and qualitative methods.

NSW quarries face inspection under worker dust risk blitz

08 October, 2019

NSW quarries are currently being inspected without notice as part of the state's Resources Regulator's blitz on worker dust risks.

Large-scale construction needs to champion health

07 October, 2019

British researchers who immersed themselves in construction teams of a large-scale UK project argue for the need to champion health across the sector.

699 lives claimed by mesothelioma in 2018: report reveals

20 September, 2019

Asbestos-associated cancer mesothelioma claimed at least 699 Australian lives last year, an Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report reveals.

Faulty breathing apparatuses discovered in South Coast mine

10 September, 2019

The NSW Resources Regulator has contacted a breathing appratus supplier and its recipient mines after defective units were identified in a South Coast coalmine.

TSI AMI520i Sidepak personal aerosol monitor

10 September, 2019

TSI's AMI520i Sidepak is a wearable instrument that monitors workers' respirable dust and fume exposure in real time.

3M Secure Click Half Mask Reusable Respirator

02 July, 2019

3M's Secure Click Half Mask Reusable Respirator helps protect workers from a variety of gases and vapours when used with approved associated filters and cartridges.

Coalmine workers urged to get health checks

27 May, 2019

Coalmine workers are being urged to get regular health checks after investigation into the source of an ex-fitter's mixed dust disease comes up empty.

Sundström SR570 protective face shield with breathing air

01 September, 2018

The Sundström SR570 protective face shield with breathing air, available from Safety Equipment Australia, is a face shield for use with either Sundström’s Powered Air-Purifying Respirators (PAPR) or with supplied air.

RPB Z4 Welding Respirator

01 September, 2018

The RPB Z4 Welding Respirator weighs only 805 g including ADF lens and cape.

Sickness caused by exposure to common chemicals

03 July, 2018

More than half of Australians with chemical sensitivities lost work days or a job in the past year due to illness from fragranced products in the workplace.

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