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WHS conviction overturned, retrial to follow

17 June, 2019 by Natasha Doyle

The high-profile conviction of a Queensland man under WHS laws has been overturned, with the judge's misinstruction to the jury cited as the cause.

Raising safety to new heights

17 June, 2019 by Justin Boehm*

We review the key safety issues associated with crane lifting in Australia and the key precautions required to remain safe.

PTSD at work leads to $180K compensation

13 June, 2019 by Veronica Clinch*

The Age has been ordered to pay $180K in damages after one of their journalists developed PTSD as a result of her work.

7 tactics for building workplace resilience

11 June, 2019 by Dr John Kearney*

Resilience is crucial to combating stress in the workplace. We provide 7 tactics employers should use to build resilience in their teams.

National industrial manslaughter offence likely?

10 June, 2019 by Susan Withycombe-Taperell, Senior Associate, and Jennifer Williams, Lawyer

Following two major reviews, a national industrial manslaughter offence is back on the agenda. So what is the likelihood of a national approach?

Safety in numbers

03 June, 2019 by Danielle Furness

Ever wondered what it takes to be in charge of safety for the AFL? Believe it or not, a talent for numbers and laws — the Laws of the Game.

Manufacturers face silicosis class action

31 May, 2019

Engineered stone manufacturers could soon face a national class action after their product led to Australian stonemasons' silicosis. 

Safety blitz begins after scaffolding collapse

30 May, 2019

An initiative designed to improve safety around scaffolding has been launched by SafeWork NSW.

Preventing falls from fixed ladders with cages

29 May, 2019

The risk of falling from a fixed caged ladder has been highlighted after a worker fell eight metres over a guardrail during an incident in 2017.

Construction firm awarded for safety campaign

24 May, 2019

Lendlease has received an award for a campaign that features its employees with their mothers to remind people to stay safe at work.

Saliva drug testing standard reviewed for safety

23 May, 2019

The standard for saliva drug testing is currently undergoing revision by Standards Australia, industry bodies and community members.

2019/2020 National Guide to Public Works and Safety released

18 May, 2019

The augmented guide is now available and free to the Australian public works and services sector.

Mental health and an inability to do the job — what is a reasonable adjustment?

16 May, 2019 by Catherine Dunlop and Meredith Kennedy*

The Federal Court of Australia has provided guidance to employers who are supporting staff with mental illness.

Workplace drug overdoses on the rise

15 May, 2019

There has been a significant increase in the number of workplace deaths due to drug overdose in the United States, according to a new NIOSH study.

End the trend: occupational lung disease

14 May, 2019 by Megan McConville*

Across the world, the risk of occupational lung disease for workers in hazardous environments remains a real threat.

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