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Why material choice matters with fall arrest equipment

01 November, 2018

The essential attribute of personal fall arrest equipment is that it can be relied upon to arrest a fall at the first time of asking.

3M Fall Protection Self-Rescue Device

04 October, 2018

The 3M DBI-SALA Self-Rescue device is designed to help workers implement a simple, fast and effective rescue plan in the event of a fall from height.

Demystifying fall protection: learning your ABCs

01 October, 2018

The effects of a fall on a worksite are far-reaching and go beyond the company to the family members and even the community.

Leading edge fall protection — defining the risk

01 September, 2018

With the increase of awareness around working at height, the use of SRLs as a means of effective anchoring and work positioning has also increased.

Miller tool lanyard range

14 August, 2018

Miller tool lanyards are engineered to provide a safe, simple and reliable tethering of tools for construction personnel when working at heights.

Dropsafe Barrier dropped object barrier system

07 June, 2018

The Dropsafe Barrier system is designed to mitigate the risk of dropped objects falling at height.

Minimise downtime with field serviceable SRL

01 June, 2018

MSA has been in the business of safety at height since 1930, and today it is at the forefront in both the supply and range of innovative fall protection products.

WAHA launches industry code for anchor, lifeline and rail installations

28 May, 2018

A new industry code for the installation of fall protection anchors, lifelines and rail systems has been launched by the Working at Height Association (WAHA).

Safety inspectors target falling hazards on construction sites

03 May, 2018

Reducing falls at housing construction sites is the goal of WorkSafe Victoria, following 40 serious incidents since 1 February 2018.

Are you keeping your workers safe?

07 March, 2018

With workplace risk profiles constantly changing and the training and equipment maintenance requirements increasing each year, many organisations go into reactive mode with regards to managing their working at heights systems and PPE.

Are you cleaning your height safety gear properly?

26 February, 2018

In order to increase the life and compliance of height safety PPE, the equipment should be regularly cleaned.

Warning issued over unsafe work at heights, following multiple falls

16 February, 2018

Two serious workplace falls in less than two weeks have prompted a WorkSafe Victoria warning about the dangers of working at heights.

The changing face of fall protection

26 June, 2017 by Richard Millar, Technical Manager, 3M Fall Protection

The impact of technology and a shift in the safety culture on work sites is leading to a more widespread adoption of and adherence to safety practices.

All anchors are not the same — the difference could be life or death

13 June, 2017

Did you know roof workers' lives could be at risk if the anchors they use are not correct for the application?

SafetyLink FrogLine horizontal surface-mounted lifeline

01 May, 2017

The SafetyLink FrogLine horizontal surface-mounted lifeline has a low-profile design, which combines energy-absorbing capabilities into every intermediate, end and corner anchor, consequently incorporating the line energy absorbers into the system.

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