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Cut to Size Wearguard polycarbonates

06 March, 2020

Wearguard polycarbonates are transparent, with a heat resistance of up to 150°C. They are suitable for see-through safety and protective applications.

Moisture seal-out solutions in fuel handling

06 March, 2020

Water contamination is a key safety concern in liquid-fuelled machinery. This case study details a recent sealing challenge involving underground fuel storage.

Employer fined $40K for acid accident

04 March, 2020

The director of cleaning chemicals manufacturer B&J Industries was fined $40,000 after an employee sustained permanent scarring from an acetic acid spill.

Charges laid over chemical stockpiles in Victoria

06 February, 2020

WorkSafe has charged a waste management company for stockpiling toxic chemicals in a Campbellfield warehouse, thereby breaching the Dangerous Goods Act.

SafeWork NSW provides advice on smoky workplaces

28 January, 2020

SafeWork NSW has advised employers to monitor indoor and outdoor air quality levels, to provide a safe working environment for employees.

Walls, roofs and insulation not the only asbestos harbourers, ASEA warns

28 November, 2019

The Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency is urging trades workers to think beyond roofs, walls and insulation when assessing asbestos exposure risk.

Xtreme Freight Packaged Dangerous Goods App

24 September, 2019

Xtreme Freight's Packaged Dangerous Goods App is designed to improve compliance, management, reporting, training and safety around dangerous goods.

Uncontrolled dry cutting of engineered stone banned in Vic

06 September, 2019

Victoria has banned uncontrolled dry cutting of engineered stone to help protect workers from exposure to crystalline silica dust.

Worker suffers serious burns in vehicle LPG tank fire

12 August, 2019

WHS Queensland believes the worker was using a battery-operated screwdriver to remove screws on the LPG tank. This acted as an ignition source and started a fire.

Worker burnt while hot cutting flammable steel drum

17 July, 2019

A South Australian worker has sustained serious burns while cutting a steel drum with oxy-acetylene equipment.

Welding fume and cancer risks in Australia

01 April, 2019

In early 2017 welding fume was reclassified as carcinogenic to humans, highlighting a direct relationship between inhaling the fumes and contracting cancer.

Asbestos awareness campaign

05 December, 2018

Asbestos Awareness Ambassador Trevor Gillmeister and safety advocates Julie and Don Sager discuss the importance of asbestos safety awareness.

Recycling sharps responsibly

21 November, 2018

Sharps or needlestick injuries are a risk not only to healthcare workers, but anyone who comes into contact with them.

NT builder pays $200K after illegal asbestos removal

08 November, 2018

After being charged with illegal asbestos removal, a Darwin company will spend more than $200,000 to improve asbestos safety in the NT.

DIY renovators warned of asbestos risks

31 October, 2018

A new report in the Medical Journal of Australia suggests that the proportion of asbestos-related cancer deaths being caused by DIY renovations is increasing.

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