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MSA V-Gard industrial safety helmet push key

13 January, 2020

Push Key is a harness designed for MSA V-Gard industrial helmets, to enhance user retention and comfort by enabling the helmet to be adjusted when worn.

Do's and don'ts of hard hat accessorising

13 August, 2019

Is wearing granny's knitted beanie under your hard hat safe? ProChoice Safety Gear outlines some do's and don'ts of hard hat accessorising.

Caring for safety helmets

01 June, 2019

In order for industrial safety helmets to provide ongoing protection for wearers, the correct care of the helmet is essential.

AWS welding helmet selector tool

21 June, 2018

The AWS welding helmet selector tool matches user needs to the company's range of welding helmets and only displays the masks that match the wearer's specific requirements.

Solo Rescue PPE washing machine

11 May, 2018

Decontamination of personal protection equipment after the job is vital.

Roobuck Intrinsically Safe LED helmet beacon

01 May, 2017

The Roobuck Intrinsically Safe LED helmet beacon is designed to highlight the wearer's presence, making them clearly visible and safe at all times.

Augmented reality helmet improves workplace safety

25 October, 2016

A helmet that facilitates augmented reality in the workplace will be demonstrated by the CSC at the Gartner Symposium.

Ergodyne coiled hard hat lanyard

01 October, 2016

The Ergodyne coiled hard hat lanyard is designed to prevent hazards caused by items dropped from height.

Safety Headquarters Vital ID Worker Safety Identification

01 September, 2016

The Vital ID Worker Safety Identification (WSID) range is used to store vital information about a worker on the worker's hard hat or jacket for quick access in an emergency situation.

3M Speedglas welding helmet series 9100XXi

01 June, 2016

The Speedglas auto-darkening welding helmet series 9100XXi from 3M is designed for professional welders who require comfort, protection and performance.

Elliotts ArcFit 14 Face Shield

27 April, 2016

Elliotts has released the ArcFit 14 face shield featuring a low-profile chin protector designed to provide increased comfort and extended protection for workers while offering a greater range of head movement, mobility and field of view.

BOC Weld Guard high-impact helmet

14 October, 2015

BOC has added the Weld Guard high-impact helmet for both welding and grinding to its Weld Guard protective products range.

eHat video safety hat

24 September, 2015

Australian start-up company eHat is developing a network-enabled safety hard hat.

3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100 QR

09 September, 2015

The 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100 QR features an auto-darkening welding lens which can be attached or detached, allowing welders to have continuous head protection for overhead hazards when they remove their welding helmet.

KEMPER autodark welding helmet range

06 August, 2015

With its optical classification 1/1/1/1, the KEMPER autodark 760 model welding helmet is suitable for professional welders. In addition to the professional model, the basic models autodark 560i/560x and the advanced models autodark 660i and 660x are also available.

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