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Enware VERTECH emergency eyewash technology

05 June, 2017

Enware VERTECH technology has been designed to create a zero velocity point for effective relief when it is needed most.

The safety cycle — from sport to the workplace

01 March, 2017

While our history is steeped in the sporting world, the uvex range of products transitions seamlessly into any industry where personal protective equipment is required.

uvex sportstyle safety glasses

22 December, 2016

The uvex sportstyle safety glasses deliver a combination of performance, safety and style.

uvex i-works high-performance safety glasses

22 December, 2016

The uvex high-performance i-works safety glasses have a sporty design, feature a panoramic lens and are lightweight.

uvex u-sonic wide-vision goggles

22 December, 2016

The uvex u-sonic wide-vision goggles offer maximum protection for the eyes, as well as good temperature control and fit.

Tobin Eyewash Systems eyewash solution range

25 October, 2016

Tobin Eyewash Systems eyewash solution range provides a quick and safe way to wash chemicals from the eyes.

Prescription safety glasses with removable foil lens

13 September, 2016

The IC Safety System consists of a bendable prescription lens insert or 'foil' and specially designed matching frames and glasses (made of polycarbonate) to fit the foil. The foil clips into the frames and is easily removable.

Men more likely to damage their eyes

16 August, 2016

Men are almost five times more likely than women to require the removal of a foreign body embedded in their eye.

Scott Safety Helios and Wasp safety glasses

23 June, 2016

The Scott Safety Helios and Wasp ranges of safety glasses have now been introduced in Australia and New Zealand, offering a comfortable frame to wear for extended periods while delivering eye protection with an unobstructed field of vision.

uvex sportstyle safety glasses

02 February, 2016

Providing comfort, fit, protection and style, the uvex sportstyle safety glasses range is lightweight at only 23 g and provides 100% UV protection.

Honeywell Lens Cleaning Station

03 June, 2015

The Honeywell Lens Cleaning Station provides a solution for keeping safety glasses clean with a minimum of fuss.

Honeywell Machete safety eyewear

03 June, 2015

Designed for medium impact eye protection, the Honeywell Machete safety eyewear features a tough hard lens coatings and a stylish, lightweight frame.

Honeywell Hypershock protective eyewear

03 June, 2015

Honeywell Hypershock safety eyewear is suitable for applications where high-performance medium impact protection is essential and vision can't be compromised.

Wear safe sunglasses this summer

02 December, 2014

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is encouraging the community to choose the best protection for their eyes.

VisionSafe Seal safety glasses

26 November, 2014

The medium-impact Seal safety glasses from VisionSafe are lightweight and come with detachable foam inserts for added comfort and fit.

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