uvex pheos cx2 CBR65 safety glasses


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uvex pheos cx2 CBR65 safety glasses lens tint protects eyes from harm. It delivers relaxed, focused vision with sharp contrast and harmful blue light reduction, all in one lens. The uvex pheos cx2 lenses feature uvex supravision excellence lens coating, making them anti-fog on the inside and scratch resistant on the outside.

This advanced CBR65 lens offers a three-point armour against potential eye damage. What does ‘CBR’ stand for?

The ‘C’ denotes improved contrast, giving clearer vision, reducing strain from harsh light or reflective surfaces and increasing comfort, making this lens suitable for most light conditions, and enabling wearers to focus on the task in hand safely without distraction.

The ‘B’ indicates 50% blue light reduction at 450 nm, rendering the CBR65 lens suitable for screen work and for use in bright, harsh, unnatural light such as LED, as well as outdoors to protect against the natural blue light emitted by the sun’s rays. Blue light can be extremely harmful and may contribute to age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

The ‘R’ signifies a relaxed field of vision, with 65% transmission of light, making the lens suitable for tasks with high visual requirements such as close inspection, outdoor work or jobs that require high levels of concentration, where eye fatigue is an issue. The CBR65 lens tint makes operating in workplaces with bright natural or artificial light much more comfortable, enabling the wearer to remain focused for longer without strain.

For more information: https://www.uvex-safety.com.au/en/cbr/.

Online: www.uvex-safety.com.au
Phone: 02 9891 1700
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