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Stanley gloves, eyewear and goggles

20 May, 2010 by

WorkEasy WE110 industrial gloves, A700 eyewear, A900 series eyewear and Strategy goggles have been added to the Stanley industrial-style protective equipment range and meet Australian industry safety standards.

Glass prescription safety glasses outlawed

12 May, 2010

An Australian eye-wear manufacturer suggests that many employers have been ‘blind’ to changes to the Australian standard for prescription eye protection.

3M Speedglas welding helmet range

16 March, 2010

The 3M Speedglas 100 Aces High welding helmet features five adjustable dark shades, a high impact rating for protection, comfort and a distinctive graphic design.

Sperian Protection DuraMaxx panoramic safety goggles

15 January, 2010

The DuraMaxx panoramic safety goggles are designed for long-term comfortable wear. They are manufactured from a lightweight and flexible elastomer body with contoured fit for different facial profiles. The soft-sealing body also provides protection in harsh chemical environments.

Safety Stations PPE dispensers

23 September, 2009

Safety Stations are designed to dispense PPE such as safety vests, glasses, earplugs, batteries and first aid, as well as consumables such as permanent markers, grinding wheels, drill bits and cutting tools.

IPL safety eyewear

18 September, 2009 by

The Lightspeed II glasses are designed specifically for Intense Pulse Light (IPL) practitioners, combining liquid crystal technology from the aerospace and computer technologies with everyday comfort.

Outdoor safety eyewear

07 August, 2009 by

The Umatta Revs safety eyewear range is designed for outdoors use, featuring medium impact protection lenses with an anti-fog and anti-scratch lens coating that are approved to AS/NZS 1337.

BOC Polarised safety glasses

07 August, 2009

The Umatta Redline Polarised range of safety glasses features dual, hard coating polarised lens to reduce glare from reflective surfaces, while also providing 100% UV protection, being rated to UV400.

Safety goggles

09 June, 2009 by

The G-Force series safety goggles are available in two models.

Wrights Hardware Safety goggles

09 June, 2009

The DeWalt Concept Glass 2 goggles are foam-lined safety eyewear that offer protection from dust, shavings or other debris that would require more than just safety glasses.

UniSafe Eylite safety glasses with built-in light

01 January, 2009

The UniSafe Eylite safety spectacle features integrated LED lights built into both of the side arms, so as to provide continuous illumination for up to 6-8 hours.

DeWalt Radius safety eyewear

01 January, 2009

The DeWalt Radius safety eyewear range is designed to be flexible to comfortably fit a wide range of face shapes and sizes while protecting the wearer’s eyes.

624 Plasma Evo 2 safety glasses

01 January, 2009

The 624 Plasma Evo 2 safety glasses feature the slimline frame design and anti-slip pads that were seen with their predecessor, the 604 Plasma, and also include medium-impact protection.

Welding helmet

01 December, 2008

Featuring a black and white tribal design, the P450 Tribe offers the same features as the Sperian Optrel Star Helmet.

Lightweight safety glasses

11 October, 2008

The DeWalt Reinforcer safety glasses are designed to be lightweight for comfortable long-term use in a wide variety of applications.

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