Materials handling

Vacuum conveyor

18 September, 2008

The C2100-64 compact vacuum conveyor is designed to be small and powerful. It quietly and hygienically conveys powder and bulk materials in production areas of confined space or buildings with low ceilings.

Safety barrier

18 September, 2008

The Expanding Mobile Barrier is an easy-to-move, wheeled package with a footprint just 600 x 330 mm. However, once the elasticised securing straps are unhooked, the device grows to a 4 m long barrier.

Get the message or take the consequences

10 September, 2008

WorkSafe Victoria has issued a plea for employers and workers to take a more active approach to workplace safety.

ACTU petitions government on OHS amendments

08 September, 2008

The ACTU has an online petition calling on the government to introduce the highest standards of OHS through the harmonisation process currently underway. The petition calls for amendments to legislation to meet the minimum standards detailed in the ACTU OHS Charter.

NSW beats national workplace injuries average

04 September, 2008

The incidence rate of workplace injuries across NSW is below the national average, according to the ASCC's 10th Comparative Performance Monitoring Report for 2006–07.

Sentence for compo fraud

04 September, 2008

A Loch Sport sawmill labourer faces the possibility of six months in gaol after pleading guilty to fraudulently obtaining nearly $17,000 in workers compensation payments.

Anti-slip floor coating

18 August, 2008

Traction Guard is a DIY product which is mopped onto the slippery surface, whether it is vinyl, polished wood, epoxy, rubber, linoleum, tiles, marble or granite.

Inspectors focus on furniture-making industry

18 August, 2008

WorkSafe WA will launch an inspection campaign in the furniture (cabinet-making) industry next month to reduce injuries in the sector.

Drum vacuum

18 August, 2008

The Mini Reversible Drum VAC System is a powerful liquid vacuum, capable of vacuuming 20 L of liquid in less than 10 s. With the turn of a knob, the pump empties the drum, eliminating the need for dumping.

Anti-slip floor treatment

18 August, 2008

Grip Activator is a floor treatment that minutely alters the tread pattern of the floor surface and greatly increases slip resistance.

Drum trolley

18 August, 2008

The Multi Purpose Drum Trolley is easy to load due to its swing axle, which moves the load centre back as users tilt the drum until it comes to rest on four wheels.

Live cable reels

18 August, 2008

The Hannay cable reels are a series of industrial-duty, long-lasting spring rewind reels for live electric cable to power tools, lights, machinery and generator lines. The quick and convenient spring rewind saves time and the heavy-duty steel construction of the reels stands up to demanding field use.

Forklift barrier

18 August, 2008

The Barrier Security Products forklift channel rails feature an outwardly facing, 200 x 6 mm thick galvanised channel, to trap the fork tines and prevent them from deflecting up and into pedestrian traffic.

Anti-slip stair tread

18 August, 2008

The Everlast rubber stair tread is suitable for steps and landings, offering slip resistance under both wet and dry conditions.

OHS guidelines on lifting

18 August, 2008

WorkSafe Victoria has released a list of the most common injuries related to manual lifting, in relation to industry types. Back injuries make up almost half of all claims received.

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