Vibratory switches

11 October, 2008 | Supplied by: Siemens Ltd

The Sitrans LVL100 and LVL200 vibratory switches from Siemens are suitable for high and low detection of all liquid media, independent of mounting position.

Lockable valves

11 October, 2008 | Supplied by: Air & Hydraulic Systems Pty Ltd

The Praher Valves range of lockable ball, butterfly and diaphragm valves permits the operator to secure the valve in either the open or closed position, with the aid of a padlock or similar locking device. In the case of the butterfly and diaphragm valves, the hand lever/wheel may be locked in open, closed or a variety of increments in between.

Safety interlock switch

11 October, 2008 | Supplied by: NHP Electrical Engineering Products Pty Ltd

The MZM 100 safety interlock uses an electromagnet to lock the machine guard, therefore requiring no actuator key. The switch detects and monitors the actuator plate through an integrated, non-contact sensor that uses ‘pulse-echo technology’.

Modular safety system

11 October, 2008 | Supplied by: Siemens Ltd

The Sirius 3RK3 series modular safety system MSS combines the functionality of a safety relay and a programmable logic controller (PLC).

Coaxial valves

11 October, 2008 | Supplied by: Air & Hydraulic Systems Pty Ltd

RSG’s range of coaxial valves offers a compact design, actuated by solenoid or pressure pilot and is suitable for a wide variety of media with pressure ratings to 250 bar.

Safety fencing

11 October, 2008 | Supplied by: Industrial Safety Fencing Pty Ltd

The Easyfence range of safety fencing was developed to eliminate the long delivery times usually associated with conventional safety fencing systems.

NZ injury highlights need for machine guarding

08 October, 2008

Yarrows the Bakers was fined $62,000 for an incident where a pastry roller crushed an employee's hand, emphasising the need for proper machine guarding in all industries.

Business leaders urged to be ‘human’ when faced with death or serious injury in the workplace

03 October, 2008 by Jamie Robinson*

Responding to death or serious injury in the workplace with a compassionate, ‘human’ approach is vital to minimising harm and protecting a company’s reputation and employee relations. There is a difference between being a compassionate employer and admitting liability.

$32K fine after worker struck by forklift

29 September, 2008

Pure Logistics Cold Chain was fined $32,000 recently for an incident in 2006 at its Regency Park warehouse where a worker's foot was crushed by a forklift.

Two injuries same machine - $40K fine

23 September, 2008

An Adelaide company that moulds carpet for the car industry was recently fined $40,000 after two workers were injured in near-identical circumstances by the same machine on two separate occasions.

Scrap metal industry safety program

22 September, 2008

Metropolitan and regional scrap metal businesses in Western Australia were visited by WorkSafe inspectors as part of a compliance campaign, with 64% of the workplaces visited found to have inadequately guarded machinery.

Safety system

18 September, 2008

The HIMax safety system is designed for maximum fault tolerance and minimal maintenance downtime. All maintenance, expansion and modification work of the system can always be performed online during process operation — without cutting back on safety. This includes the execution of proof test, a mandatory requirement of IEC/AS 61508/11.

Failsafe manual reset thermostats

18 September, 2008

The KMF series of failsafe thermostats monitor temperatures in furnaces, ovens, kilns, boilers or any application where an overtemperature condition would result in a critical failure.


18 September, 2008

The Extech 407445 heavy-duty hygro-thermometer provides a dual display of relative humidity and temperature through a PC interface.

Worker dies from electric shock

10 September, 2008

A linesman died recently, four days after receiving an electric shock at Croydon in Melbourne’s outer east.

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