High temperature lubricant

12 April, 2006 | Supplied by: ITW Polymers & Fluids

Rocol High Temp Synthetic Chain Lube, a high temperature lubricant, has been specially formulated to lubricate chains exposed to temperatures as high as 280°C. With conventional graphite/water mix chain lubricants, precious production time is lost as the lubricant cannot be applied to the chain unless it is below 100°C. As the lube can be applied at temperatures of up to 280°C, ovens do not need to be shut down.

Sensors provide answers in emergencies

11 April, 2006

An earthquake strikes a large city, wrecking roads and bridges, stranding rush-hour commuters, trapping office workers inside high-rise buildings.

Pressure sensors

15 March, 2006 | Supplied by: Micromax Pty Ltd

Turck has introduced high accuracy PS400 and PS500 programmable pressure sensors with switchpoint accuracy of ±0.5%.

Biometric access device

15 March, 2006 | Supplied by: Fujitsu Australia

Fujitsu has launched its contactless palm vein device for biometric authentication security, PalmSecure.


13 February, 2006 | Supplied by: SMC Australia | New Zealand

SMC Pneumatics claims to have solved static elimination applications with the introduction of the IZS30 series ioniser.

Carlo Gavazzi monitoring relays

13 February, 2006 | Supplied by: NHP Electrical Engineering Products Pty Ltd

Carlo Gavazzi monitoring relays incorporate over and undervoltage, to protect the motors that keep an operation running. The current feature ensures overload protection while phase loss sequence ensures the correct rotation for generators and many more protection applications.

PSENcode safety switch

18 January, 2006 | Supplied by: Pilz Australia Industrial Automation LP

A non-contact coded safety switch, PSENcode, from Pilz is claimed to meet the highest requirements for safety gate monitoring, the highest level of security and 10 units can be connected in a single series.

Monitored pneumatic safety valves

18 January, 2006 | Supplied by:

Directional control valves for pneumatic safety applications in five port two position sliding spool type with static seals, mounted on a safety manifold configured for three port two position operation. Each valve incorporates a two-pole positive driven plunger type switch with positive opening contact. The two models offered have certification to meet Australian & European machinery safety standards.

Remote monitoring alarm

18 January, 2006 | Supplied by: Halytech Pty Ltd

The Spider is a remote monitoring, control and alarm system.

Safety stops - a materials handling feature

07 January, 2006 | Supplied by: SEW-Eurodrive Pty Ltd

When it comes to safety in manufacturing operations, the theory tends to be "better the devil you know". This can sometimes spawn over-engineered solutions, based on older, but proven technologies

Safety network controller

13 November, 2005 | Supplied by: Omron Electronics Pty Ltd

The safety network controller (SNC) is a safety controller with a built-in DeviceNet safety interface. The SNC also features modularly con-figured safety functions for programming safety circuits. The controller meets SIL3 of IEC61508, the standard for funct-ional safety, and machine safety standard, category 4 of EN954-1.

Rail employee hand safety

15 September, 2005

Kiwi ingenuity is leading the way in the rail maintenance industry, with major safety initiatives developed by local rail maintenance workers being implemented not just on New Zealand's rail network

Carlo Gavazzi proximity sensors

20 May, 2004 | Supplied by: NHP Electrical Engineering Products Pty Ltd

Carlo Gavazzi proximity sensors are rugged and flexible and are designed for reliable and accurate sensing in almost any application. The sensors offer detection without any physical contact and this in turn provides longevity for the device(s).

M12 eurofast junction boxes

25 August, 2003 | Supplied by: Micromax Pty Ltd

Turck announces the M12 eurofast junction boxes with stainless steel inserts have been added to the multibox family. All metal parts on these junction boxes are made of 316 stainless steel. The junctions are suitable for wire consolidation in environments where brass or other metal parts fail and are a cost-effective solution for harsh conditions.

Siguard 3RG78 safety light curtains

25 August, 2003 | Supplied by: Ramelec Pty Ltd

The Siguard 3RG78 family of light curtains from Siemens Automation & Drives is suitable for personnel protection where presence sensing is necessary. The type 4 units are suitable for use in category 4 safety control systems. Resolutions from 14 to 90 mm and beam heights up to 3000 m provide reliable, fast detection.

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