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GHS rollout amended due to industry concerns

15 December, 2016 by Debi Alderdice

All chemicals manufactured or imported before 1 January 2017 will continue to be supplied without needing to meet the labelling requirements of the model Work Health and Safety Regulations, following an amendment to the GHS rollout.

Reducing high-pressure injection injuries for miners

18 November, 2016

Australian Diversified Engineering (ADE) has created a grease pressure release device for Downer, reducing the risk of high-pressure injuries from lubricants.

Emerson Enardo 2000 wirelessly monitored emergency pressure relief vents

01 August, 2016

Emerson has introduced wirelessly monitored Enardo 2000 emergency pressure relief vents (EPRVs) that provide safety control by managing abnormally high storage tank pressures in the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Intertec explosion-proof cabinets

27 May, 2016

The Intertec explosion-proof cabinets protect field instrumentation operating in hazardous areas and are available in a range of standard and custom sizes, certified for use in Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas.

Accumax MAXBund Poly and Metal bunded pallets

07 March, 2015

The MAXBund Poly and Metal bunded pallets by Accumax are designed for the safe storage of 205 L drums, helping to decrease the risk of spills.

Accumax MAXBund IBC bunded pallets

04 March, 2015

The MAXBund IBC bunded pallets by Accumax have been built to handle harsh environments and the storage of flammable liquids.

Thermal imaging cameras help prevent fires in waste plants

19 December, 2014

FLIR A315/A615 cameras combined with Waste Bunker Monitor software provide a waste monitoring solution.

Publication of hazardous waste data assessment

17 May, 2013

The Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities has released the Hazardous Waste Data Assessment.

Duperthal flammable storage cabinet with integrated drawer

16 April, 2013

The Duperthal range of flammable storage solutions offers advanced German-engineered functionality with compliance to Australian Standard AS 1940 and AS 2243.10.

Laboratory Systems Group vented storage cabinet

17 January, 2013

The vented storage cabinet provides a suitable ventilated storage solution for odorous samples.

Global Spill Control’s bunding solution helps United Aero prevent spills

31 August, 2012

After securing a large contract to maintain utility pipelines in the outback of New South Wales, United Aero Helicopters identified the need to be able to safely store aviation fuel in remote locations for refuelling of its helicopters.

Mil-tek Waste Solutions compactors

27 March, 2012

Mil-tek Waste Solutions manufactures a wide range of high-quality compactors which reduce carbon footprint by turning cardboard, plastic, steel cans and EPS (polystyrene) into compressed waste bales.

VisionSafe Bottlechock cylinder restraint system

16 March, 2012

The need for convenience and ease of access to high-pressure gas cylinders often contends with the need for safe, reliable and secure storage in the workplace. To meet these constraints, VisionSafe has released the Bottlechock, a cylinder restraint system to keep cylinders secure and protect staff, valuable gauges and equipment.

Silvan Selecta Dieselpro lockable cartage tank

30 May, 2011 by

The Selecta Dieselpro 200 L capacity cartage tank, which is designed to be carried on the back of a utility, trailer or similar vehicle, helps protect diesel fuel thefts. Dieselpro tanks have dimensions of 1100 mm in length, 640 mm in width and 610 mm in height, but only 430 mm at the shoulders of the tank. These dimensions with the lower profile design make for less obstruction to the view through a utility vehicle’s rear window.

Quickbund portable bunding system

06 April, 2011 by

Constructed from X-R5, a highly chemical-resistant material, the Quickbund portable bunding system has a variety of applications from mining exploration to mobile generators and bulk liquid transfer. The fold-down wall makes access for trucks, forklifts and pallet jacks easy.

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