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Robot dog can 'sniff' hazardous gases in inaccessible environments

14 June, 2024

To keep humans out of harm's way, researchers have created a four-legged, dog-like robot that takes air samples from hazardous sites.

Model WHS regulations finalised ahead of engineered stone ban

14 June, 2024

Safe Work Australia has finalised the amendments to the model Work Health and Safety Regulations to protect workers from the risks of exposure to respirable crystalline silica.

Vic to enforce engineered stone ban from 1 July

22 May, 2024

Employers across Victoria will not be permitted to carry out work involving the manufacturing, supply, processing or installation of engineered stone from 1 July.

Engineered stone supplier fined for silica dust exposure

21 May, 2024

A NSW engineered stone supplier has been fined $375,000 for exposing a worker to respirable crystalline silica over a period of six years and 10 months.

Lung Foundation Australia commends engineered stone ban

13 May, 2024

Lung Foundation Australia has welcomed the Queensland Government's ban on working with engineered stone from 1 July and developed support services for patients and their families.

Company fined $1.2m for exposing workers to cobalt dust

06 May, 2024

An Australian company has been fined $1.2 million for repeatedly exposing workers to high-risk cobalt dust, risking serious illness.

Just and fair compensation scheme for dust disease sufferers

29 April, 2024

Western Australians diagnosed with diseases caused by exposure to asbestos or silica will now be able to seek improved compensation outcomes under new legislation.

WA implements six-month transition for engineered stone ban

28 March, 2024

Work Health and Safety Ministers in Western Australia have decided to implement a six-month transition period after the 1 July ban on the supply, installation or processing of engineered stone.

Manufacturers seek safer alternatives to engineered stone

25 March, 2024

With the ban on engineered stone to come into effect from 1 July 2024, manufacturers are seeking safer alternatives, such as natural stone and porcelain.

Collective action needed to keep asbestos out of the supply chain

25 March, 2024

As Australia faces the threat of asbestos in homes and public spaces, John Batty of EDP Consultants highlights the dangers of asbestos contamination due to inadequate demolition practices.

Toxic ammonia gas 'sniffed out' by sensor

15 February, 2024

A small ammonia gas sensor that could enable safer hydrogen storage has been developed by engineers in Australia.

Preventing accidents with thermal fluid safety protocols

15 February, 2024

How can health and safety protocols contribute to a safer and more effective work environment when working with thermal fluids?

Safety campaign launched ahead of engineered stone ban

07 February, 2024

A campaign launched by WorkSafe Victoria aims to raise awareness about the upcoming ban on engineered stone, effective 1 July 2024.

NSW launches asbestos awareness and safety course

01 December, 2023

SafeWork NSW has launched an online Asbestos Awareness and Safety Course to provide tradies with essential education on how to best protect themselves when handling asbestos-containing products.

Asbestos: still a risk to workers 20 years on from ban

24 November, 2023

WorkSafe Victoria has urged employers and tradespeople to be aware of the risk of asbestos exposure, as it still poses a significant risk to workers.

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