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PROSAFE KULYA polarised safety glasses

23 November, 2021

The KULYA Polarised Safety Glasses are designed to provide protection against sun glare, with Cat 3 polarised lenses.

Sun glare: protecting yourself on the road

18 October, 2021

Sun glare can strike a driver unexpectedly at any time. If you prepare yourself and your vehicle, you'll have the best chance of staying safe.

Bollé Safety Pilot 2 Neo safety goggles

04 June, 2021

The Pilot 2 Neo safety goggles feature a co-injected vented frame and a clear or CSP lens for indoor or indoor-to-outdoor environments.

Safety Mate Riley Navigator safety glasses

01 February, 2021

The Riley Navigator safety glasses from Safety Mate are constructed with a durable plastic frame, providing protection from UV radiation and sun glare.

How to pick the right safety glasses for you

01 September, 2020

Eye Protection products are used in many industries to protect against flying particles, liquids, chemicals, molten metals, radiated heat and glare.

uvex sportstyle variomatic safety glasses

04 May, 2020

The uvex sportstyle variomatic safety glasses are designed for frequent movement between light and dark work areas, with fog- and scratch-resistant lenses.

Eye injuries at work: tips, tricks and strategies for their prevention

01 April, 2020

Where possible eliminate or substitute the process to remove the eye hazard. If the hazards cannot be removed, eye protection forms the last line of defence.

PSG Eyewear Ugly Fish prescription safety frames

02 March, 2020

The Ugly Fish prescription safety frames are suitable for men and women, and feature replaceable dust seals for protection against harsh working conditions.

Eye injuries: consequences and prevention strategies

01 March, 2020 by Annette Hoskin*

An eye injury can result in outcomes ranging from lost days at work to permanent loss of vision, yet up to 90% of eye injuries are preventable.

DEWALT safety glasses and goggles

20 January, 2020

DEWALT safety glasses and goggles are designed to ensure safe, efficient and comfortable vision in the occupational situation.

How to improve workplace eye safety

01 September, 2019

Workplace safety is more than just hard hats and steel capped boots. Protecting workers' eyes is critical for their health, safety and quality of life.

PPE vending machines improve construction safety

03 May, 2019

In the quest to keep workers safe, some large construction sites have found a way to ensure that the right PPE is always available.

Effective eye protection in the construction industry

19 September, 2018 by Mahmoud Barakat, Honeywell Industrial Safety

Construction sites pose significant eye injury risks; therefore, effective eye protection for the work environment is important for injury prevention.

uvex sportstyle CBR75 safety glasses

01 August, 2018

The uvex sportstyle CBR75 safety spectacles offer a clear, sporty design combined with maximum functionality and safety.

What impact protection do I need for my safety eyewear?

11 July, 2018

Australians suffer around 50,000 eye injuries every year even though many of them were wearing eye protection at the time of their injury.

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