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Vuzix Z100 smart glasses

18 April, 2024

The Vuzix Z100 smart glasses enable workers to get a human-centred connection to AI and work process applications, receiving updates, workflow and task confirmations in real time.

Riley Stream Evo Eco and Cypher Eco safety glasses

04 April, 2024

The Riley Stream Evo Eco and Cypher Eco safety glasses are engineered for maximised comfort and versatility, providing safety without compromising on style or functionality.

3M SecureFit 500 series safety eyewear with Scotchgard Protector Anti-Fog Coating

17 October, 2023

The 3M Scotchgard Protector Anti-Fog Coating is now available for the SecureFit 500 Brown and Light Brown lens and SecureFit 500 Clear lens with foam gasket.

uvex aquarius polarised safety glasses

12 October, 2023

The uvex polarised safety glasses range offers comfort and wearer acceptance, as well as being 100% UV compliant.

PSG Eyewear and Ugly Fish Deluxe Certified safety eyewear range

11 October, 2023

PSG Eyewear and Ugly Fish have partnered up to develop two exclusive certified safety frames — the Cyclone and the Jackal.

Top tips for ordering prescription safety glasses online

12 May, 2022

Optometrists regularly face queries from businesses about what is involved in the process of ordering prescription safety glasses online.

PSG Empyr Unisex Metal Safety Frame

18 April, 2022

The PSG Empyr unisex metal safety frame incorporates a stainless steel frame with polycarbonate temples and integrated side shields.

Riley Stream Evo Black Dog safety glasses

15 April, 2022

The Stream Evo Black Dog safety glasses feature Tecton 400 anti-scratch and anti-fog technology for visual clarity.

Riley Navigator glasses

14 April, 2022

Featuring a premium anti-fog/anti-scratch lens coating and four base curve lens options, the Riley Navigator offers a stylish solution to safety eye protection.

PSG Eyewear Ugly Fish 'Stealth' eyewear

11 April, 2022

Stealth is an aerodynamic sports-wrap safety solution designed for tradies and outdoor workers who need to protect their eyes without compromising style and functionality.

3M SecureFit 200 and 400 Series protective eyewear

07 April, 2022

The 3M SecureFit 200 and 400 Series of protective eyewear features pressure diffusion temple technology for a comfortable fit over an extended length of time.

3M Solus Brand glasses

07 April, 2022

The 3M Solus Brand offers comfortable and stylish eye protection with a variety of features and customisation options.

ProBlu eyewear line

25 March, 2022

Bollé Safety has launched ProBlu, a range of protective eyewear to prevent vision damage from harmful blue light.

PROSAFE KULYA polarised safety glasses

23 November, 2021

The KULYA Polarised Safety Glasses are designed to provide protection against sun glare, with Cat 3 polarised lenses.

Sun glare: protecting yourself on the road

18 October, 2021

Sun glare can strike a driver unexpectedly at any time. If you prepare yourself and your vehicle, you'll have the best chance of staying safe.

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