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Freescale Xtrinsic Sensing Solutions sensors

09 August, 2011 by

Xtrinsic Sensing Solutions from Freescale has been introduced to the inventory of element14.

Applied Infrared Sensing Redscan anti-graffiti system

28 July, 2011 by

The Redscan anti-graffiti system prevents tagging and graffiti prior to any application being made to the protected surface. When an offender is detected touching or painting a protected wall, the water spray is activated and the wall (and potentially the offender) will become wet and application of graffiti becomes difficult due to the increasingly wet surface.

Fluke 2AC VoltAlert AC non-contact tester

13 June, 2011 by

The 2AC VoltAlert AC non-contact tester detects voltage and is claimed to provide safer, faster working conditions. The tester detects energised circuits and defective grounds, making it suitable as a first-line go/no-go tester for an electrician.

Fluke VoltAlert 2AC non-contact voltage tester

09 June, 2011

The 2AC has been added to the VoltAlert AC non-contact voltage tester range. It is easy to use and tests for energised circuits and defective grounds. The tip of the pocket-sized tester will glow red when within close proximity of an outlet, terminal strip or power cord where voltage is present.

Banner Engineering catalogue

08 June, 2011

The Banner Engineering sensor and safety product catalogue is available in an interactive online version, combining easy-to-reference product data with online search capabilities. Users can browse the catalogue page by page or use a search tool to identify products by division, product family or name, model or part number, application or page number.

Bosch WZ series integrated infrared cameras

25 May, 2011 by

The WZ series integrated IR bullet and dome cameras offer resolutions up to 540 TVL and night vision imaging up to a distance of 45 m. Its integrated active infrared illumination delivers low-noise images at night to minimize video storage requirements.

Bosch EX65 model explosion-protected camera

25 May, 2011 by

The EX65 model camera holds international explosion protected certifications to provide safe surveillance for hazardous locations, including oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical facilities amongst others.

Emergency Alert Systems WiLAS (Wireless Alert Siren) System

09 May, 2011

The WiLAS (Wireless Alert Siren) System from Emergency Alert Systems (EAS), a business unit of Inventis Technology, is claimed to be the first wirelessly networked and wirelessly activated, scalable, multitone alert siren system. It overcomes the prospective problem where users, with only seconds to sound an evacuation (or other) alarm, are not able to get to the siren control panel, or the site power has been cut.

ReeR EOS4 compact safety light curtain

06 April, 2011

The ReeR EOS4 compact safety light curtain is designed for the protection of machine tools. With its small-size housing and minimal dead zone, it is suitable for applications where space restrictions exist.

Omron STI safety products

21 February, 2011 by

Omron’s STI safety products can be used to keep workers safe around machine tools, automated machinery and robots in factories producing products such as automobiles and electronics, safety light curtains, interlocks, relays, mats, safety edges and sensors.

Banner Engineering DX99 Wireless Node with compact metal housing

20 December, 2010 by

A compact metal housing rated for Class I, Division 1 hazardous locations is available for Banner Engineering’s intrinsically safe DX99 Wireless Node product line.

Jemtech Smash-21 dual-circuit safety contact block

08 December, 2010 by

Jemtech has developed a range of safety relay components. Previously only offering contact blocks to complement its Vigilante safety control units, the company has designed the Smash safety relays to work in standalone applications with its safety switches and optical safety sensors.

Banner Engineering AG4 safety laser scanner

08 December, 2010 by

The Banner Engineering AG4 safety laser scanner uses pulses of Class 1 infrared laser light to locate the position of objects in its field of view, effectively protecting personnel by safeguarding both stationary and mobile hazards within a user-designated area.

Wadeco MWS-ST/SR type microwave sensor

29 November, 2010 by

The Wadeco MWS-ST/SR type microwave sensor is a switch consisting of a transmitter (MWS-ST) and a receiver (MWS-SR) installed face to face. The transmitter emits a continuous, low-power microwave beam towards the receiver and an output relay is released when the beam is obstructed.

Jemtech VSY-W high-sensitivity safety switch range

27 September, 2010 by

The VSY-W range of high sensitivity safety switches uses technology similar to RFID with a reader in the switch body and an active transponder tag in the switch key.

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