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Master Lock customised lockout/tagout solutions

05 February, 2013

As the exclusive distributor of Master Lock lockout/tagout solutions, Mayo Hardware can deliver customised isolation solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs of a site such as mining, power generation, manufacturing, utilities, transport, and oil and gas industry sites.

Flowcrete Australia Flowfast floor application process

31 October, 2012

Flowcrete Australia demonstrated its fast floor application process and safe, anti-slip surface underfoot at The Safety Show in Sydney.

Dangerous machines endanger lives - act now before it’s too late

25 October, 2012

WorkSafe statistics reveal almost 450 body parts have been amputated from Victorian workers by common types of machinery used in Victorian workplaces over the last five years.

Safeguarding your machine

05 October, 2012

In the early days of the industrial revolution, labour was cheap and there was little regard for pain and suffering of injured workers. In more recent times, we have evolved through changes in social attitudes, placing more value on people who work with machines. These changes ensure that we continue to develop safeguarding measures for existing and new machinery. The challenge is to continue to improve the existing safety of machinery and also, as we make advances in technology, any new hazards need to be managed in a way that aligns with what is expected from the modern-day employer.

NORD SK 200E distributed frequency inverter range

27 September, 2012

SK 200E distributed frequency inverters from NORD Drivesystems feature several safety functions which, depending on the switching device, enable safe shutdown procedures in high-risk applications that comply with Category 4 or Performance Level e according to EN 13849-1.

Compressed Air cabinet cooler systems

14 September, 2012

Cabinet Cooler Systems are a way to purge and cool electrical control panels.

Workplace safety through machine design

13 September, 2012 by Frank Schrever*

Australian and New Zealand laws emphasise the importance of risk elimination and minimisation by design in the hierarchy of controls. A carefully thought through design can help businesses and professionals minimise the risk and the dependence on human behaviour. Read on to find out how.

Sick M4000 Advanced multiple light beam safety device

04 September, 2012

The M4000 Advanced multiple light beam safety device detects persons accessing the hazardous area of a machine during operation and immediately switch it off.

Omron D4SL-N guard locking safety door switch

03 September, 2012

The D4SL-N guard locking safety door switch has been released in the Oceania region.

CSIRO helps prevent farmer death and injury with help of ‘crash test cow’

20 August, 2012

A new type of cattle gate aimed at preventing farmer death and injury has completed rigorous testing and development by the CSIRO. SaferGate, designed by farmer and inventor Edward Evans, has been put to the test by a CSIRO-developed ‘crash test cow’.

FMCG Industry Solutions dirt capturing system

08 June, 2012

The Foreign Matter Capturing System actively captures metal, glass, sand, soil and dust fragments from tyres and boots every time they travel over FMCG Industry Solutions’  Profilgate system. Areas protected include entrances into and out of warehouses, production areas, processing areas, maintenance departments and other high-risk areas, reducing the risk of product contamination and potential recalls.

BLH Stop Drop Safety Barricading

26 March, 2012

BLH Stop Drop Safety Barricading is a plastic polymer barricading system that fits onto Australian standard hand railing and scaffolding to prevent dropped objects falling and injuring workers.

Healthy Snacks Australia fined $60,000 after worker loses finger

23 March, 2012

An Australian food manufacturer has been fined $60,000 over an incident that left a worker with a severed finger after it was caught in a machine.

Euchner CET4 safety switch

21 March, 2012

The CET4 safety switch from Euchner combines non-contact transponder technology with a monitored guard locking function, as well as a door monitoring output. It is based on the open-circuit current principle.

CPR Safe-Ind knee emergency stop bar

07 October, 2011

The Safe-Ind knee emergency stop bar is a Category 4 rated knee-operated emergency stop bar. The stop bars are currently manufactured in lengths of 1000 and 1200 mm.

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