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Dust collectors

20 March, 2007

Keeping things clean and saving you money - Donaldson's new Modular Baghouse dust collectors offer the perfect solution for cleaning up the industrial work environment.

Safeguarding a new OPAL reactor

20 March, 2007

A $350 million OPAL reactor is soon to produce neutrons for eight neutron beam instruments (NBI) that will enable scientists to investigate the atomic structure of new materials, chemical reaction kinetics and biological processes

Reckless endangerment charges after explosion

19 March, 2007

Two men will stand trial under the ‘reckless endangerment’ provision of the Occupational Health and Safety Act after making acetylene gas bombs at one of the men’s workplaces.

Asbestos inspection program in SA

02 March, 2007

An inspection program targeting asbestos will take place in Western Australia throughout March.

Industry forces extension to chemical standard

02 March, 2007

Concerns from the chemical industry have forced the ASCC to extend the deadline for comment on the proposed National OHS Standards for Managing Workplace Hazardous Chemicals.

Dust containment system

21 February, 2007

A dust containment system has been designed to maintain OHS standards for employees in the pharmaceutical and tablet making industry.

Toxic chemical clean-up developed

18 January, 2007

Australian scientists are developing a way to clean one of the world’s most toxic yet widely-used chemicals.

Better incidence reporting to protect workers

06 December, 2006

New Zealand’s OHS regulator is urging GPs to improve their reporting of work-related diseases and injuries to prevent co-workers from the same conditions.

Australia to adopt more international standards

17 November, 2006

A productivity report into Standards Australia has recommended more organisations be accredited to develop Australian standards, as well as the adoption of more international standards.

Cartridge filters

16 November, 2006

The Ultra-Web cartridge filters claim to create cleaner, safer air for workers, longer filter life and greater cost savings.

Ventilation system

19 October, 2006

Without monitoring, it is not possible to determine if a shipping container is safe to enter. Regulations, such as those of WorkSafe Victoria, have guidelines requiring 24 hour open-door ventilation. Similarly, the Australian Standard Fumigation Procedures require at least six hours' ventilation of containers after fumigation.

Australian workplaces are safer than ever

11 October, 2006

Statistics released yesterday by the ASCC suggest that Australian workplaces are becoming safer.

New licensing for asbestos removal

01 September, 2006

New licensing requirements for the commercial removal of asbestos were announced yesterday by NSW Minister for Commerce, John Della Bosca.

Food grade dust collector

14 August, 2006

The Dalamatic DU453/K11 reverse pulse jet cleaning system dust collector has a 7.5 KW fan and can achieve an extraction rate of 3500 m3/h.

Work stopped at Adelaide site

18 July, 2006

Prohibition notices stopping some of the work at an Adelaide building site remain in place after three workers were taken to hospital with smoke inhalation on 13 July.

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