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Master Lock Safety Series

Master Lock Safety offers a complete line of safety lockout/tagout products to complement our full range of safety padlocks.

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ATG MaxiFlex Elite gloves

Designed and developed as an ultra-thin breathable glove, ATG’s MaxiFlex Elite gloves are designed for precision handling in dry environments.

ATG Intelligent Glove Solutions MaxiDex hybrid glove

The MaxiDex hybrid safety gloves combine mechanical handling gloves and disposable gloves for enhanced comfort.

ATG MaxiFlex Ultimate gloves

ATG MaxiFlex Ultimate gloves feature AD-APT to counter the challenge of hot, sweaty hands.

ATG MaxiCut Ultra gloves

ATG MaxiCut Ultra gloves are designed for people needing cut protection in challenging environments.

DEWALT safety glasses and goggles

DEWALT safety glasses and goggles are designed to ensure safe, efficient and comfortable vision in the occupational situation.

Mayo Hardware SafeSite program

The SafeSite program includes site assessments and lockout/tagout workshops involving all key stakeholders, Master Lock safety padlocks and lockout accessories, custom key systems, lockout/tagout procedure review and development, a broad range of plant identification solutions and ongoing 'health checks' post lockout/tagout implementation.

Master Lock S31 padlock, S430 and S431 hasps, S806 multipoint lockout

Master Lock has launched a range of safety padlocks, hasps and lockout cables designed to fit smaller-diameter lockout points.

Master Lock Push Button Cover

The Master Lock Push Button Cover can be simply installed over a switch or button while machinery is being serviced or maintained, eliminating the risk of someone accidentally restarting the machinery during this process.

Master Lock customised lockout/tagout solutions

As the exclusive distributor of Master Lock lockout/tagout solutions, Mayo Hardware can deliver customised isolation solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs of a site such as mining, power generation, manufacturing, utilities, transport, and oil and gas industry sites.

Mayo Hardware S31 safety padlocks

The S31 safety padlocks have a durable non-conductive Xenoy lock body and a 4.76 mm marine-grade 316 stainless steel shackle. The padlocks are available in nine colours and are lightweight, making them easy to carry. They also perform in extreme conditions, with a temperature rating range of -46 to 177°C and the ability to withstand harsh chemicals and corrosion.

Master Lock small-diameter lockout point safety padlocks

Master Lock has launched a range of safety padlocks, hasps and lockout cables designed to fit smaller diameter lockout points.

Tags for extreme environments

Made from rugged industrial-grade polypropylene, the Master Lock Guardian Extreme tags are designed to withstand harsh conditions including dust, dirt, high humidity, UV radiation, harsh chemicals, washdowns and extreme temperatures as found in situations such as food processing, mining, refineries, chemical plants and paper mills.

Electrical lockout solution

The Master Lock S430 is a multi-person shackle lockout hasp for use in electrical lockout/tagout applications.

Lockout/tagout products

The Safety Series by Master Lock has a line of easy-to-use lockout products featuring rotating gate valve lockouts and electrical plug lockouts, adjustable cable lockouts, modular lockout kits, snap-on safety hasps, lockout stations, and more.



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