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JAY Electronique Jump radio repeater for safe radio control

05 November, 2014

The Jump radio repeater is designed for use with the JAY Electronique safe radio control solutions implementing unidirectional radio transmissions. The device provides a solution for applications in difficult environments where obstacles, troughs and bumps interrupt radio transmissions or in situations where radio performance must be extended to cover a greater distance or greater area.

Emerson wireless monitored safety showers with WirelessHART

02 October, 2014

By combining a WirelessHART digital transmitter with one or two latched switches, every safety shower and eyewash station can be retrofitted with a wireless monitoring system reporting any activation back into the user's control room.

3M Peltor WS XP headset with Bluetooth wireless technology

18 November, 2013

The 3M Peltor WS headset XP features Bluetooth wireless technology, enabling users to work hands-free while taking calls.

Sign and Image WH&S Safety Signs

05 August, 2013

Sign and Image Australia manufactures WH&S Safety Signs to Australian AS1319 and international standards.

Early detection and visual verification safety and security solution

27 June, 2013

Xtralis, provider of early detection and visual verification safety and security solutions, has announced that version 1.14 of its IntrusionTrace has been approved as a primary detection system for operational use in sterile environments by the UK Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB).

Protecting your workers wirelessly

12 June, 2013

If staff are a company’s greatest asset, then it is in the interests of that company to keep them safe and productive. There are obvious forms of protection such as guardrails and automatic machine cut-offs but more sophisticated technology is increasingly being used to address workplace health and safety issues, particularly in industries such as oil and gas, mining and utilities where employees are often working in hazardous and remote locations.

Safety app being used on university campus

17 April, 2013

Curtin University, in a Western Australian first, has implemented a free mobile phone app that gives staff and students instant access to the university’s security team.

Peltor Lite-Com III communication system

10 April, 2013

The Peltor Lite-Com III communication system delivers high noise attenuation and, with a radio built into the shell, it also provides effective and effortless short-range two-way communication.

Safety app

12 March, 2013

The Sentis Safe Leader iPhone app is designed to enhance and improve the delivery of safety pre-start meetings. Built around a variety of safety share topics which prompt and enrich critical conversation, the app is designed to ensure your meetings are both interesting and effectual.

Sentis Safety Observation iPad web app

12 March, 2013

The Safety Observation iPad web app recently developed by the Sentis Safety Observation Tool is designed to support and simplify safety reporting and performance, as well as provide an innovative solution to combat the chore and inconsistency of paper-based reporting.

Tait BioLink vest

11 February, 2013

A vest that uses Bluetooth and can monitor the heart rate, breathing rate, activity level and movement has been manufactured by Tait Communications.

CavCom communication system for high-noise environments

30 November, 2012

The CavCom communication system has been specifically designed to enable clear communication in challenging high-noise environments that also require head and face personal protection equipment (PPE). Adaptable to all PPE, each system consists of a control unit, radio adapter, ear set and handheld two-way radio.

3M Peltor Pro-Tac II stereo earmuffs

23 October, 2012

The level-dependent function in 3M’s Peltor Pro-Tac II stereo earmuffs allows users to hear ambient sound: conversation, machine sounds and warning signals. This means they are not shut off from the environment, which would be both dangerous and inconvenient.

Communicating in extreme environments

15 October, 2012

Many modern workplaces involve exposing the workforce to hazards such as noise, noxious gases, dusts, fumes, etc.

3M’s Peltor Hearplugs listen-only earpieces

04 September, 2012

3M’s Peltor Hearplugs listen-only earpieces are designed for two-way radio users who, in addition to requiring hearing protection, must have clear reception while working in high-noise areas. Compact, versatile and easy to use, this communications headset plugs into most lapel microphones with an audio accessory and jack.

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