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ASCC releases workplace fatalities reports

01 December, 2008

Two reports from the Australian Safety and Compensation Council (ASCC) analyse the causes and trends in Australian workplace fatalities over recent years.

HWSA National campaign to reduce manual task injuries

05 November, 2008

A nationwide campaign has been instigated by workplace safety authorities, aiming to reduce the high incidence of injuries from manual handling tasks incurred by workers in the transportation and storage of goods in the retail, wholesale and storage industries.

WorkSafe Victoria 2008 safety awards

01 November, 2008

Eight people and companies with an extraordinary commitment to making workplaces safer were recognised for their achievements at the 20th Annual WorkSafe Victoria Awards.

WorkSafe Victoria blitz to prevent manual handling injuries

22 October, 2008

An intensive safety inspection campaign will endeavour to minimise manual handling injuries in Victoria.

New high-risk work regulations

13 October, 2008

The Occupational Health and Safety (Safety Standards) Regulations 1994 have been revised for high-risk work.

Truck loading platform

11 October, 2008

The Safe Loading Access Platform (SLAP) series was designed to put an end to drivers falling from trucks during loading. The platforms are quick and easy to use, light enough for one or two people to move and strong enough to suit busy transport yards.

Pallet sheeting

11 October, 2008

The Stabulon Anti-slip sheets are placed between pallet layers to protect goods from damage and minimise pallet slippage. By holding the pallets in position and minimising movement caused by the vibrations of nearby machinery, the sheets improve stability and safety during the loading, unloading and handling of palletised goods.

New code to help make foundries safer

26 September, 2008

WorkSafe Victoria has replaced the existing foundries Code of Practice No. 2 (1988) with a new Compliance Code for foundries, providing practical guidance to those who have duties or obligations under the OHS Act and regulations.

Get the message or take the consequences

10 September, 2008

WorkSafe Victoria has issued a plea for employers and workers to take a more active approach to workplace safety.

ACTU petitions government on OHS amendments

08 September, 2008

The ACTU has an online petition calling on the government to introduce the highest standards of OHS through the harmonisation process currently underway. The petition calls for amendments to legislation to meet the minimum standards detailed in the ACTU OHS Charter.

NSW beats national workplace injuries average

04 September, 2008

The incidence rate of workplace injuries across NSW is below the national average, according to the ASCC's 10th Comparative Performance Monitoring Report for 2006–07.

Sentence for compo fraud

04 September, 2008

A Loch Sport sawmill labourer faces the possibility of six months in gaol after pleading guilty to fraudulently obtaining nearly $17,000 in workers compensation payments.

Drum vacuum

18 August, 2008

The Mini Reversible Drum VAC System is a powerful liquid vacuum, capable of vacuuming 20 L of liquid in less than 10 s. With the turn of a knob, the pump empties the drum, eliminating the need for dumping.

Safety screens

18 August, 2008

Aztex Liftwell screens are lightweight for ease of handling and transport. The screens weigh only 40 kg, but still comply with the necessary OHS requirements, including National Standard for Plant. All the necessary handling and other information is located on the front of the door.

Comparing workers comp across ANZ

12 August, 2008

The latest edition of the Comparison of Workers’ Compensation Arrangements in Australia and New Zealand was released by the Australian Safety and Compensation Council (ASCC) recently.

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