Euchner CKS-AS key adapter

12 September, 2016 | Supplied by: Treotham Automation Pty Ltd

The Euchner CKS-AS key adapter is an electronic key system based on transponder technology that now comes with integrated AS-interface.

Safe control technology for smart factories

07 September, 2016 by Frank Triem, Product Manager for Industrial Safety Systems, SICK AG, Waldkirch | Supplied by: SICK Pty Ltd

By automating, integrating and networking processes, implementing Industry 4.0 opens up a whole new level of flexibility and transparency in production.

JT Day Wolf LinkEx LED tank lighting kits

01 September, 2016 | Supplied by: MacLean Electrical (Australia) Pty Ltd

The Wolf LinkEx LED Tank Lighting kits are IEC Ex certified and provide a low-voltage temporary lighting solution for Zone 1 and 2 (gas) and 21 and 22 (dust) hazardous areas where potentially explosive gases, vapours or mists may be present within a confined space.

Machines that understand how humans are feeling

11 August, 2016

Fraunhofer scientists have developed a diagnostic tool that recognises the state of the user in real time and communicates this information to machines. Potential fields of application include all highly automated tasks where critical user states can be a safety issue.

Monitoring feed magazines for carton blanks

09 August, 2016 by Andreas Heim, Strategic Industry Manager Consumer Goods, SICK, Waldkirch | Supplied by: SICK Pty Ltd

In recent years, intelligent sensor and control solutions have made it possible to achieve both productivity and safety.

Euchner transponder-coded safety switch bolt system

09 August, 2016 | Supplied by: Treotham Automation Pty Ltd

The Euchner bolt system has a die-cast aluminium design, making it suitable for industrial use.

Wenglor WinTec P1KY001 transit time sensor

09 August, 2016 | Supplied by: Treotham Automation Pty Ltd

The Wenglor WinTec P1KY001 transit time sensor is suitable for all applications where fast and accurate object detection is required in tight spaces.

SlasherTeck roadside grass slasher

04 August, 2016 | Supplied by: SlasherTeck

SlasherTeck has released a slasher designed to automate the task of cutting vegetation on roadsides.

Pilz PSENmlock safety gate system

03 August, 2016 | Supplied by: Pilz Australia Industrial Automation LP

Pilz had introduced a safety gate system called PSENmlock.

Phoenix Contact CBM electronic device circuit breakers

03 August, 2016 | Supplied by: Phoenix Contact Pty Ltd

Phoenix Contact has released compact, all-in-one, multichannel CBM electronic device circuit breakers to help users save on panel space.

Pilz establishes regional HQ in Singapore

27 July, 2016 | Supplied by: Pilz Australia Industrial Automation LP

Pilz has recently opened its regional headquarters for South-East Asia in Singapore.

Leuze electronic RSL 400 safety laser scanner

26 July, 2016 | Supplied by: Leuze electronic Pty Ltd

Leuze electronic has released its RSL 400 safety laser scanner. The product has two autonomous protective functions and canions and can therefore act as two single laser scanners.

Quad bike safety action on Victorian farms

22 July, 2016

In an effort to tackle the numbers of deaths and serious injuries caused by quad bikes, the Andrews Labor Government has announced a $6 million subsidy scheme to help Victorian farmers make their quad bikes safer.

Machinery guarding and stockyard handling videos

21 July, 2016

During National Farm Safety Week, Safe Work Australia has partnered with the National Farmers' Federation to produce two short farm safety videos on machinery guarding and stockyard handling.

Vibration Systems & Solutions vibration system for testing emergency pull switches

21 July, 2016 | Supplied by: Vibration Systems & Solutions (Australia) Pty Ltd

Vibration Systems & Solutions (VSS) helped to design a vibration system that tested if emergency pull switches could withstand the vibrations inherent in conveyor systems at mine sites.

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