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FleetSafe Proxicam AI pedestrian detection system

02 April, 2024

The FleetSafe Proxicam AI pedestrian detection system has been designed to prevent injuries and fatalities caused by plant equipment.

BodyGuard i-Tag Pedestrian Safety System

01 April, 2024

The BodyGuard Pedestrian Safety System is designed to counter for changes in environment and human error.

Incident Zero Laser Safety Halo exclusion zone for mobile plant

27 March, 2024

The Incident Zero Laser Safety Halo is a low-powered red laser light that delineates a distinct exclusion zone around mobile machinery.

W10 photoelectric proximity sensor

06 March, 2024

The SICK W10 photoelectric proximity sensor is a laser triangulation sensor designed to solve a range of detection tasks in automation technology.

Using artificial intelligence to improve site access security

06 March, 2024

AI has great potential to improve safety across the building and construction industry, by keeping unauthorised personnel off worksites.

SICK SafeVisionary2 safety camera sensor

12 February, 2024

The SICK SafeVisionary2 safety camera sensor is designed to provide three-dimensional environment perception, thereby enhancing the safety and productivity of machines.

Productivity and safety in harmony: Interview about integrated sensor solutions for robotics

01 November, 2023

There is a paradigm shift currently under way at SICK in the field of sensor and system solutions for using robots safely and efficiently.

BodyGuard portable pedestrian warning system

01 October, 2023

BodyGuard's portable pedestrian warning system is designed to provide an extra layer of protection for pedestrians at busy worksites.

Enhancing workplace safety in Australia with BodyGuard's innovative Pedestrian Warning System

01 August, 2023

The BodyGuard Pedestrian Safety Warning System provides an extra layer of security on the factory floor, at construction sites, or inside warehouses.

Safety camera sensors safeVisionary2

01 July, 2023

Safe 3D environment perception opens up new dimensions.

How smart tech increases safety around machinery

16 June, 2023 by Frank Baldrighi, Business Development Manager – Australia and New Zealand, Getac

More can be done to improve the safety of workers within heavy industries. The answer lies in leveraging innovative smart technologies.

Safe 3D environment perception opens up new dimensions

01 May, 2023

safeVisionary2 allows safe three-dimensional environment perception that you can use to increase the safety and efficiency of your applications.

Omniterm FCX bidirectional contact repeater

20 April, 2023

The Omniterm FCX is a fibre-optic switch contact signal repeater unit that transmits a switch contact status signal bidirectionally up to 20 km.

How a proximity alert system makes mining sites safer

14 February, 2023 by Naaman Shibi, Pervidi

Proximity alert systems can help to prevent accidents and ensure safety in environments such mine sites, oil and gas exploration, and construction sites.

Automated guided vehicles boost warehouse safety

08 February, 2023

A contract bottling company has deployed Dematic automated guided vehicles to assist with improving safety and efficiency at its South Australian facility.

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