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Keep your pedestrian staff safe from forklifts

11 October, 2021

BodyGuard Solutions' "BodyGuard pedestrian safety warning system" provides an effective solution to minimise or eliminate possibility of incidents involving forklifts and pedestrian workers.

BodyGuard i-Tag Pedestrian Detection Safety and Warning System

01 October, 2021

The BodyGuard-iTag pedestrian safety warning system is designed to ensure people remain a safe distance from mobile plant.

The next trick: pulling coronavirus out of thin air

01 September, 2021

Thermo Fisher Scientific's AerosolSense Sampler can be used to detect a variety of airborne pathogens, including the coronavirus.

Greater availability of AGVs due to weather-dependent speed adjustment

01 September, 2021

The SICK AGV Dynamic Weather Assist safety system enables continuous operation of automated guided vehicles, even in heavy rain or snowfall.

The rise of the cordless machines: safety benefits of a new generation of tools

21 July, 2021 by Tony Cooper, Product Engineer & Asia-Pacific Marketing Manager, Enerpac

Companies in industries with high safety priorities — such as mining — are embracing a whole new generation of powerful, portable and ergonomic tools.

CNC machining: 5 ways to increase it without sacrificing safety

07 July, 2021 by Emily Newton, Editor in Chief, Revolutionized

Computer numerical control (CNC) equipment can boost output in machine shops. Here are five ways to use it without putting people's safety at unnecessary risk.

BodyGuard i-Tag Proximity Warning System: protection around mobile plant

01 July, 2021

The BodyGuard i-Tag Proximity Warning System from BodyGuard Safety Solutions is designed to mitigate the risks that mobile plant pose to those working in its vicinity.

'Super' sensors to make conditions safer for miners

21 June, 2021

A mechanical engineer has designed sensors that can detect early mechanical issues in oil and gas pipelines, making working conditions safer for miners.

Sonar: its time to surface

21 May, 2021 by Leighton Haliday, Director, SonaSafe 20/20

Smarter sensors and better software, delivering increased performance and management capabilities, suggest that sonar technology's time in the sun is now.

COVIDSafe construction: does IoT hold the key?

19 April, 2021 by Daryl Chambers, Director, M2M Connectivity

With construction at the centre of economic recovery efforts, what role can Internet of Things technology play in keeping jobsites operational in a ‘COVIDSafe’ way?

Introducing a New Generation of Safety Laser Scanner — Allen-Bradley SafeZone 3

01 April, 2021

The SafeZone 3 CIP Safety over EtherNet/IP enables Integration of the SafeZone 3 safety laser scanner in a GuardLogix Control System available through NHP.

Complete sensor solutions for AGC systems in CEP distribution centers

01 March, 2021

SICK offers its modular Eco-System for AGCs — with sensor solutions that make autonomous vehicles safe and efficient tools for enhanced intralogistical productivity.

Seven (potentially) deadly sins when setting up safety laser scanners

01 March, 2020

SICK has developed a wealth of knowledge regarding the successful application of Safety Laser Scanner technology; in this guide you will find below expert advice to assist you with successful implementation of this technology.

Piloting a drone? You need to know these safety rules

13 November, 2019 by Simone Poulter*

Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, are being used increasingly in industries such as construction. Simone Poulter sets out some need-to-know safety rules.

Driving your industry 4ward: sensor intelligence as the foundation of Industry 4.0

01 September, 2019

The data-based, networked, and autonomous value creation chain in production and logistics is the culmination of recent technological innovation.

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