BodyGuard i-Tag Pedestrian Safety System

Saturday, 01 April, 2023 | Supplied by: BodyGuard Safety Solutions

BodyGuard i-Tag Pedestrian Safety System

The BodyGuard Pedestrian Safety System is designed to counter for changes in environment and human error. The Bodyguard system features small electronic tag devices worn by pedestrians that immediately and clearly signal operators when somebody breaches an inclusion zone. This is designed to be more advanced than some current electronic control systems, which require a line of sight to work effectively. Any environment in the workplace where heavy mobile machinery (such as forklifts) and staff occupy the same space presents a potential hazard. Blind spots, obstacles and poor visibility present a daily risk, in addition to human factors such as lapses in attention/judgment or staff ignoring safety protocols. Pedestrians can also be hidden due to smoke, dust, water or stacks of boxes/pallets. That split second can make all the difference between keeping staff safe and a workplace accident.

Initiatives such as painted line markings and verbal/written notices to stay a certain distance clear of vehicles only work so long as staff and site visitors abide by these directions. The BodyGuard system provides an extra level of protection by issuing a high-intensity visual warning and a clear/unmistakable human voice alert (“Look out! Person near you”) to the operator. The BodyGuard system issues the warning in a human voice, to avoid confusion with other noise in the workplace.

As part of the BodyGuard system, lightweight personal tags are worn by pedestrians on a lanyard or in their pockets. If a tag enters the safety exclusion zone, the cab alert unit warns the operator, helping them to keep a safe distance from the pedestrian. The system attached to the vehicle detects the personal tags worn by pedestrians within the safety exclusion zone — the radius of this zone can be adjusted with a detection range of 2.5 to 9 m.

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