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CAC Gas Chem-Master regulator/manifold range

04 October, 2012

CAC Gas has introduced the Chem-Master regulator and manifold product range.

Acrodyne Acro-Torq Portable Actuator range

03 October, 2012

Acrodyne has released the Acro-Torq Portable Actuator range.

Fluid Components FS10A analyser flow switch/monitor

02 October, 2012

The FS10A analyser flow switch/monitor from Fluid Components International has received FM and FMc (Canadian) approvals.

Silvent 920 air nozzles

29 August, 2012

The Silvent 920 air nozzles claim to reduce noise levels by up to 77% and compressed air usage by up to 55%.

Quik Lok safety coupler

29 August, 2012

The Quik Lok safety coupler provides security and safety with an inline compressed air connection system. The valve, fitted to the operator’s end of a compressed air supply hose, eliminates the risk of injuries from hose whip, incorrect connections or inability to release trapped pressure, lack of safety clips and shortcuts to the correct operating procedures.

Euchner CES and CET series tamper-proof safety switches

02 August, 2012

The safety switches from Euchner’s CES and CET series have been specifically designed for use on decentralised machine systems. The safety switches from both series are based on transponder technology to ensure high protection against tampering.

Euchner CET4 safety switch with AS-Interface

01 August, 2012

Through the integrated AS-i connection, the CET4 AS can be operated directly on an AS-i bus and provides the control system for both the door position as well as the actual locking position.

Exair dual high-temperature cabinet cooler systems for large electrical enclosures

23 July, 2012

Exair’s UL-listed and CE-compliant dual high-temperature cabinet cooler systems purge and cool overheated electrical control panels in harsh environments up to 93°C.

Fortress Interlocks amGard Pro safety gate switch interlocks

18 July, 2012

Fortress Interlocks has developed its range of heavy-duty, safety gate switch interlocks to create amGard Pro.

Hydratight Joint Data Management System

20 April, 2012

The Joint Data Management System (JDMS) from Hydratight is designed to aid planning, enhance safety, ensure joint integrity and assist in reducing construction and maintenance schedules and costs in oil and gas projects. It does this by storing the entire life cycle data relating to every critical bolted joint on an installation.

Pilz PNOZmulti Mini configurable safety relay systems

23 March, 2012

Additional base units are now available for Pilz’s configurable safety relays PNOZmulti Mini. These enable quick, easy connection of communication and safe link modules, as well as contact expansion modules. As a result, interlinked and decentralised plants can now also be monitored safely using PNOZmulti Mini.

PAS inBound application to identify safe operating limits

13 March, 2012

Safe operating limit information is typically maintained by various groups within a plant and is not readily available to operators. As such, operators are generally unaware of the design and safety limitations of the processes they operate. PAS has addressed this with the release of inBound, a layered application for the PlantState Suite alarm management software that makes plant operators continually aware of safe operating limits.

simPRO Job Management Software

30 November, 2011

The simPRO Job Management Software allows users to estimate large and small service jobs quickly and accurately.

Sick IVC-3D stainless steel smart camera

06 October, 2011 by

Sick’s IVC-3D stainless steel smart camera has been specially designed for harsh environments combining imaging, lighting and analysis in a single, robust, stainless steel housing.

GPS Innovations FleetConnect vehicle and equipment service management

02 October, 2011 by

FleetConnect enables users to easily keep track of vehicle and equipment maintenance tasks.

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