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Safeguarding mines with strata control

03 November, 2016 by Caleb Radford

A South Australian resin-firing system that is designed to stop mines from caving in will be used to safeguard new projects in Mongolia.

Flexshield acoustic mobile tent

03 November, 2016

The Flexshield acoustic mobile tent is designed as a comprehensive at source noise control solution for the construction/building industry.

Structural safety in a heartbeat

21 October, 2016

Structural monitoring technology that can pinpoint structural damage and stability issues in real time in order to mitigate risk and enhance safety has been introduced to Australia and New Zealand by Mainmark.

ATA alerts drivers to seatbelt safety options

12 October, 2016

A new safety alert has been released by the ATA, highlighting the availability of truck suspension seats with integrated belts.

Euchner safety switch CTP

06 October, 2016

The Euchner safety switch CTP offers guard locking and safe guard lock monitoring.

Self-driving vehicle to help boost road safety in Victoria

06 October, 2016

It is hoped that an Australian-developed self-driving vehicle will help to reduce the rate of road trauma on Victorian roads.

Ground-Probe slope monitoring radar systems powered by Yanmar

06 October, 2016

Ground-Probe has selected Yanmar industrial diesel engines as its power source for slope monitoring radar systems in open-cut mining sites.

Safety solutions for intelligent human-robot collaboration

16 September, 2016 by Fanny Platbrood, product manager for Industrial Safety Systems, SICK AG, Waldkirch

Human-robot collaboration (HRC) describes a work scenario in which humans and automated machines share a workspace.

Euchner CKS-AS key adapter

12 September, 2016

The Euchner CKS-AS key adapter is an electronic key system based on transponder technology that now comes with integrated AS-interface.

Safe control technology for smart factories

07 September, 2016 by Frank Triem, Product Manager for Industrial Safety Systems, SICK AG, Waldkirch

By automating, integrating and networking processes, implementing Industry 4.0 opens up a whole new level of flexibility and transparency in production.

Machines that understand how humans are feeling

11 August, 2016

Fraunhofer scientists have developed a diagnostic tool that recognises the state of the user in real time and communicates this information to machines. Potential fields of application include all highly automated tasks where critical user states can be a safety issue.

Euchner transponder-coded safety switch bolt system

09 August, 2016

The Euchner bolt system has a die-cast aluminium design, making it suitable for industrial use.

Monitoring feed magazines for carton blanks

09 August, 2016 by Andreas Heim, Strategic Industry Manager Consumer Goods, SICK, Waldkirch

In recent years, intelligent sensor and control solutions have made it possible to achieve both productivity and safety.

SlasherTeck roadside grass slasher

04 August, 2016

SlasherTeck has released a slasher designed to automate the task of cutting vegetation on roadsides.

Phoenix Contact CBM electronic device circuit breakers

03 August, 2016

Phoenix Contact has released compact, all-in-one, multichannel CBM electronic device circuit breakers to help users save on panel space.

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