Aussie Water Wall hose for containment

31 October, 2013 | Supplied by: Australian Pump Industries Pty Ltd

The Aussie Water Wall creates a 300 m2, 12-15 m high wall of water jets from just one hose and is designed to be used in containment situations to isolate fires and hazmat spills.

Westex UltraSoft range of flame-resistant fabrics

29 October, 2013 | Supplied by: Charles Parsons & Co

The Westex UltraSoft range of flame-resistant, 88% cotton, 12% high-tenacity nylon fabrics is claimed to be flame resistant for the life of the garment under either high-temperature industrial or home-washing procedures.

Wormald supplies fire protection solution at Nepean Hospital

27 September, 2013 | Supplied by: Wormald

Wormald has installed a comprehensive fire protection solution at the new surgical wing of Nepean Hospital in Penrith, New South Wales.

Xtralis Refrigerated Storage Sampling Kit

17 September, 2013 | Supplied by: Xtralis Pty Ltd

The Xtralis Refrigerated Storage Sampling Kit is designed for existing and new refrigerated storage facilities that require a means of air sampling smoke detection (ASD) sampling arrangement that is effective and easy to install and maintain.

Oxygen reduction system to prevent fire at hospital

13 September, 2013 | Supplied by: ARA Group

The FirePass Oxygen Reduced Fire Prevention system was installed recently at the Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAH) located in Wahroonga on Sydney’s north shore. The system has the unique ability to create an environment of breathable, controlled oxygen-reduced air that prevents fire ignition.

One in three business managers unaware of fire safety standards and legislation

17 July, 2013 | Supplied by: Wormald

Fire protection specialist Wormald is urging business owners and managers to keep up to date with fire safety standards and regulations and to ensure their buildings are adequately protected against fire.

How flames change the sound of firefighters’ personal safety alarm

03 June, 2013

Working with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a team of mechanical engineers from the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) has been assessing whether flames might be partially responsible for these occurrences. The researchers will present their findings on how flames affect the sound of the PASS alarm at the 21st International Congress on Acoustics (ICA 2013), in Montreal, Canada, to be held from 2 to 7 June 2013.

Fire-resistant cable technology to improve safety

27 May, 2013

Cable manufacturer Olex (a Nexans company) chose to partner with CSIRO to develop the new technology for making fire-resistant electrical cables. According to a CSIRO news blog, Olex has supplied over 1100 km of electrical cables to the Brisbane Airport Link Project in a contract reportedly worth $10 million to the company.

Safer flame retardant developed with dual effects

22 May, 2013

Amid concerns over the potential health effects of existing flame retardants for home furniture, fabrics and other material, scientists are reporting development of an “exceptionally” effective new retardant that appears safer and more environmentally friendly.

Fire detection solution across three campuses at university

02 May, 2013 | Supplied by: Wormald

The Wormald team installed advanced MX Technology fire detection systems at each of Deakin University’s three campuses, which are interconnected using the university’s intranet.

Fire protection for coal export terminal

25 March, 2013 | Supplied by: Wormald

Wormald has installed a comprehensive fire protection solution as part of expansion works at Newcastle’s coal export terminal.

Keeping on top of fire safety regulations and standards

08 February, 2013 by Garry Kwok, National Technical Services Manager, Wormald | Supplied by: Wormald

Fire safety is an important responsibility for anyone managing a business or facility of any size. To ensure the safety of building or site occupants, it is vital that an adequate fire protection solution is in place and that sufficient fire safety training is provided to building occupants. It is also important that any fire protection equipment on site is routinely serviced so that it is kept in proper working order and ready when needed.

Bushfire respiratory protection

04 December, 2012 | Supplied by: 3M Safety & Graphics

Bushfires are part of life in Australia. These fires can produce vast amounts of smoke, off-gases and ash, and there is a need to consider the most appropriate ways of providing respiratory protection for those exposed to these contaminants.

Detecting emergencies using social media

25 October, 2012 | Supplied by: CSIRO Head Office

Social media channels provide a new, rich source of information from which disaster managers and emergency response agencies can obtain real-time awareness of developing situations. CSIRO has created Emergency Situation Awareness (ESA) software to detect unusual behaviour in the Twitter stream and alert users in the emergency services when a disaster event is being broadcast online.

Optus to send emergency alerts

24 September, 2012

Optus users will now join Telstra and Vodafone users who have been able to receive emergency location-based text message warnings.

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