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NSW pushes for seasonal safety ahead of summer

29 October, 2020

As bushfire season approaches, the NSW Government is urging businesses to prepare a SeasonalSAFE Plan for the hazards caused by hot weather.

Contractors appointed to clean up site of chemical fire

26 June, 2020

WorkSafe Victoria has appointed Enviropacific Services, Corsec Services and Prensa to oversee clean-up following a chemical fire at Tottenham, Victoria.

Looking after employee needs when disaster strikes

20 November, 2019 by Aaron Goonrey, Kaitlyn Gulle and Cameron Hannebery*

Current NSW and Qld fires are a reminder for employers to review crisis responses. Lawyers Aaron Goonrey, Kaitlyn Gulle and Cameron Hannebery offer guidance.

Cygnus Wireless Alarm System

06 November, 2019

The Cygnus Wireless Alarm System is a modular system that can be used for site evacuation, first aid alerts and fire detection.

'Multi-sensory virtual environments' offer safety benefits

04 October, 2019

New research out of the UK suggests that virtual reality technology combined with multi-sensory stimulation has the potential to improve safety training.

Evacuate immediately: construction workers "risking their lives"

16 September, 2019

New UK research finds that high-rise construction site workers are "risking their lives" by not responding immediately to evacuation alarms.

Johnson Controls Vigilant T-Gen2 emergency warning systems

24 January, 2019

The Johnson Controls Vigilant T-Gen2 Grade 2 and Grade 3 emergency warning systems can be configured to suit most installation requirements.

What are the risks with fire safety upgrades?

12 December, 2018 by Charles Fortin, Managing Director, Collard Maxwell Architects

It is essential to have a clear strategy in place for delivering fire safety upgrades.

Navigating recent changes to fire safety

05 November, 2018 by Matt Sulley, National Manager, Wormald

In an industrial environment, building fires can have a catastrophic impact.

Preparing for an emergency

08 October, 2018 by Steve McLeod*, Non-Executive Chairman and Founder, Fire & Safety Australia

Three steps could help to ensure your workplace emergency response training and exercises are realistic and achieve the desired outcomes.

Beating the heat with PPE

11 August, 2016

High temperatures are a cause for concern for outdoor workers and increase the risk of heat-related illness such as heat exhaustion, heat stress and heat stroke.

Safeguarding your worksite against electrical fires

04 July, 2016

Simply Energy provides guidelines on how to safeguard your worksite against electrical fires.

Things to consider when selecting a fire protection contractor

31 May, 2016 by John Lynch, General Manager Business Support Services, Wormald

As industrial, construction and mining sectors undertake rationalisation programs and centralise procurement, cost and efficiency are weighing more heavily into the purchase of fire protection systems than ever before. While these are important considerations, this should never be at the expense of life safety.

Emergency lighting upgrade for Etihad Stadium

05 August, 2014

A range of emergency and exit light fittings has been installed throughout Melbourne's Etihad Stadium.

UC research studies heat in working environments

01 August, 2014 by Claudia Doman

University of Canberra PhD candidate Anthony Walker is studying what physical attributes make firefighters work better in extremely hot conditions and how to maximise their recovery once the fire has been put out.

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