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Customisable battery charges

21 February, 2007

Amtex Electronics has developed a customisable battery charger that maintains voltage levels in emergency service and rapid response vehicles to ensure there is no failure in starting a vehicle or powering its communications equipment. The technology is suitable for any type of vehicle, including ambulances, mine and refinery emergency vehicles, SES trucks, SWAT team vans, metropolitan fire tankers, workplace emergency units, country fire and rescue vehicles, rural emergency services and federal security vehicles.

Portable/personal lights

13 December, 2006

Where low light conditions, traffic flow difficulties and emergencies require quick and effective management, Vision Safe's range of Signal Lites is an option.

Earth leakage clamp

13 December, 2006

The T2007B earth leakage clamp meter has been designed to meet the IEC1010-1 and IEC1010-2-0.2 standard.

Test and tag deficiency in south-west WA

06 December, 2006

Some construction sites in south-west WA have been issued with improvement notices for electrical safety issues as local electrical contractors are not providing an adequate testing and tagging service.

Testing and tagging revisited

15 November, 2006 by Wendy Cramer

Testing and tagging is one element of electrical safety that has caused confusion since its inception. In NSW, an amendment was recently issued to clarify which appliances and environments need to be part of an ongoing testing and tagging routine

Total electrical safety in the workplace

14 August, 2006

Electricity can shock, burn, damage nerves and internal organs or kill people and animals. It can also cause property damage

Lighting range

13 February, 2006

Thorn's Jet fitting has been designed for contractors and installers who are dissatisfied with over-complicated, poor quality street lighting fittings. Jet provides an aesthetic, vandal-resistant, easy-to-use IP65 compact street lighting fitting, suitable for use in a wide variety of road applications.

Safety lamps

18 January, 2006

Cov-R-Guard Lamps are wrapped in a casing of Lexan plastic that effectively contains glass fragments and phosphor if the lamp is broken. The casing allows for maximum protection, with minimum light loss - keeping an installation bright and safe. Both the casing and the lamp are fully recyclable, once separated.

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