How can I use my brain as PPE? Part 1

13 July, 2009 by Cristian Sylvestre*

Although human error is a part of everyday life, many industries seem to be reluctant to look at reducing the unintentional mistakes people make that can cause injuries. The more popular approach seems to be trying ‘fix’ the problems instead.

Queensland OHS regulation amendments

13 July, 2009

Changes to the Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Regulation 2008 became effective from 1 July.

Offshore health and safety report highlights challenges facing industry

10 July, 2009

The inaugural NOPSA OHS performance report highlights a number of safety concerns for the Australian offshore petroleum industry.

ACT to introduce construction induction card and high-risk work licensing

07 July, 2009

The ACT government is moving closer to national OHS harmonisation, announcing that it will mandate a construction induction card and licensing for persons performing high-risk work in October 2009.

Research grants to prevent work-related injuries and illness

07 July, 2009

Research grants are being made available to South Australians to help build knowledge of workplace health and safety.

New policy will help drive common rail safety standards

06 July, 2009

Unanimous agreement was recently reached among state transport ministers for the recognition of industry-developed rail safety standards.

Public comments received on plant safety regulation

06 July, 2009

Safe Work Australia is currently reviewing industry responses to a discussion paper on plant safety.

‘Right of entry’ under NSW OHS law clarified in court

03 July, 2009

The rights of union officials to enter sites under NSW OHS legislative criteria was clarified recently in the Federal Court.

Severity of injury only one factor when determining penalty

02 July, 2009

A recent court case in the Industrial Court of Queensland clarifed the factors that determine the extent of fines imposed.

Adapt-A-Lift acquires Hyster Retail

02 July, 2009

Adapt-A-Lift Forklift Rental and Sales has acquired the Hyster Retail operations and rental fleet to expand its operations in Australia.

FPMA welcomes RIS as new member

02 July, 2009

Roofsafe Industrial Safety has recently become a member of the Fall Protection Manufacturers Association of Australia.

New ISO standard promotes common industry approach for gas turbine safety

30 June, 2009

A new ISO standard has been released, addressing the major safety considerations to be taken into account when designing, packaging and installing gas turbine applications.

Victorian safety inspection campaigns

30 June, 2009

WorkSafe Victoria has announced the areas being targeted in the 2009-2010 Safe Towns and Safer Work Zones inspection campaigns.

Changes to Queensland construction induction training

30 June, 2009

As of 1 July 2009 new laws covering new OHS requirements will come into effect for inductions onto construction sites in Queensland.

New safety guidelines for excavating

26 June, 2009

The Victorian government has worked in harmony with the Dial Before You Dig association to produce new safety guidelines to protect workers from injury and underground assets from damage.

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