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Knee pain management improved by online treatment

23 February, 2017

Knee osteoarthritis is estimated to affect nearly one million Australians, with a new online trial aimed at helping to manage the condition.

Call for crash victims to participate in study

13 February, 2017

Road crash victims are being recruited for a new injury impact study being carried out by the Recover Injury Research Centre.

The real cost of psychosocial safety at work

10 February, 2017 by Janine Nicholson and Sarah O'Leary

A new report by Safe Work Australia explores the importance of psychosocial safety at work, focusing on the financial impact it can have on businesses.

Lack of sleep wreaks havoc on health and safety

09 February, 2017

A large number of Australians do not get enough sleep, damaging their health and the productivity of the nation.

PTSD sufferers access faster treatment trial

06 February, 2017

Australians suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) will benefit from a trial with Australian Defence Force Personnel that provides faster treatment.

Are you risking your health by working too much?

02 February, 2017

In order to stay healthy, people should not be working more than 39 hours per week, according to new research.

Mitigating risks for lone workers in potentially unsafe situations

17 January, 2017

The Australia-wide SafeTCard lone-worker safety solution was recently implemented at a federal government agency in order to meet its goals of safety for all, and contributing positively to staff wellbeing and achieving zero harm.

Injured worker return to work experiences documented

13 January, 2017

The results of the national Return to Work Survey are now available, with Safe Work Australia publishing two new reports.

Overworked? Good habits, not holidays, are the answer

11 January, 2017 by Stacey Parker, The University of Queensland

Australians work very long hours compared to workers in other developed countries. But evidence shows that employees who work more than 48 hours per week, or are overcommitted or over-invested in their work tend to have poorer cardiovascular health than other workers.

Safety Wise ICAM Team Investigator training

11 January, 2017

The Safety Wise ICAM Team Investigator training is an interactive online training course that is designed to train team members who will support a lead investigator during an incident investigation.

Reducing workplace injuries and fatigue this festive season

07 December, 2016

Increased workloads in the busy lead-up to Christmas can lead to fatigue and injury, making it important for employers to prioritise safety during the festive season.

icare program promotes healthy workers

06 December, 2016

The Get Healthy at Work program enables public sector employees to receive free, confidential face-to-face health checks, as well as access to workplace health programs and other lifestyle advice.

Improving fitness reduces work stress, study finds

29 November, 2016

People with a high level of fitness are less likely to exhibit health warnings associated with work stress, a study published in US journal 'Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise' has found.

Safe Work Australia reveals mental health costs for employers

23 November, 2016

New reports about workplace bullying and harassment by Safe Work Australia have revealed that bullying may be on the rise, as well as the cost of mental health issues for employers.

The staggering facts about mental health in the workplace

11 November, 2016 by Janine Nicholson

According to Safe Work Australia, one in five Australian adults will be affected by mental illness every year and it is important for workplaces to invest effort in raising awareness of the issue.

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